With E3 2016 just a week away, a new YouTube video surfaces documenting the graphical downgrades between the E3 demos and final retail versions of Ubisoft’s recent games.

E3 2016 is just days away now, and video game publishers and developers are finalizing all preparations for the year’s biggest gaming conference. While the Ubisoft conference is one that will undoubtedly garner a considerable amount of attention, the publisher has had some backlash in recent years for showcasing E3 demos that are far better looking than the final product. With all eyes on Ubisoft’s E3 demos, one YouTuber has uploaded a new graphical comparison video for some of the publisher’s most recent games.

Titled “Ubisoft downgrades,” the 15-minute video was uploaded by YouTuber CrowbCat, and it compares the graphical differences between some of Ubisoft’s E3 demos and the final retail versions of games such as Tom Clancy’s The Division, Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six Siege, and Far Cry 4. The video clearly demonstrates a downgrade between the demos and the final games, particularly with the textures and lighting effects.

Not only are the textures and lighting different, other important features such as level design, assets, and animations are also noticeably sub-par and lacking from E3 demo to final game. This is particularly noticable with Watch Dogs, which was of course notorious for the difference between its early footage and the full release of the game.

In the Watch Dogs E3 demo, protagonist Aiden Pearce is seen walking through a series of crowded environments, complete with dynamic lighting and animations. But in the final retail version of Watch Dogs, the environments were not only virtually void of most NPCs, but the animations, lighting, and textures were noticeably worse.

Video game fans interested in seeing the footage in all its glory can check out the Ubisoft graphical comparison video right here:

Given that Ubisoft is expected to unveil a number of big games at this year’s E3, such as Watch Dogs 2this video will surely put all of the publisher’s E3 demos under greater scrutiny. But given that Ubisoft has changed its policy regarding demos ever since gamers started complaining about the graphical differences in Watch Dogs, fans can expect all unveiled demos to be an accurate representation of the final product.

With E3 nearly upon us, all the attention brought on by this YouTube video is probably not what Ubisoft would want. But with a slate of exciting new games to announce, including a new franchise, let’s see how Ubisoft’s showcase pans out before passing judgment on its E3 demos.

Source: YouTube