It’s officially less than two weeks until the biggest annual event known to the gaming industry, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and Ubisoft has confirmed that it’s almost ready for its presumably blockbuster showing. Aside from confirming the inclusion of previously announced games, the publisher also alluded to the unveiling of a few new titles that’ll be occurring at its big invite-only press conference on June 10th.

Ubisoft has only taken the liberty of confirming a few games it’ll be showcasing during its E3 event, and they aren’t anything jaw-droppingly shocking. Popular brands and properties that have seen numerous game installments before, with the sole exception being the highly anticipated Watch_Dogs, are readily available, and (for the most part) it’s looking like a pretty solid lineup.

Gamers can officially expect the following from Ubisoft during its E3 press conference:

While all of these games are sure to make gamers happy when they release later this year, it’s the “and more” on the official press release that has us intrigued. Ubisoft has managed to give gamers plenty of buzz-worthy exclusive reveals at past showings, and with new consoles on the horizon gamers shouldn’t expect this year to be any different. Unfortunately for Ubi, however, one of their games may have been leaked a little bit prematurely.

Ubisoft The Crew Screenshots

According to a recent report from Eurogamer, a new racing IP known as The Crew may be in store for current systems, next-gen platforms and PC. Apparently the new racer is being headed by Driver: San Francisco developer Ubisoft Reflection, and could possibly have entered a partnership with France-based developer Ivory Tower. As some may already know, Ivory Tower is staffed with employees who’ve worked on such prestigious racing games as Need for Speed, V-Rally and Test Drive Unlimited — making it an ideal developer to work on just such a project.

Ivory Tower, while not owned by Ubisoft, did enter a partnership with the publisher to ship its next project, which we’re now lead to believe is The Crew. Its new racer is also expected to be revealed at E3 — something that was already likely considering the title’s apparent leak mere weeks away from the event.

There’s sure to be a number of other titles being prepped for Ubi’s big event (and what would 2013 be without a new Just Dance?), and, with the company’s reputation for loading up launch titles for new consoles, there should be a surge of new games for the PS4 and Xbox One. Ubisoft has already referenced its dedication to the Xbox 360’s successor by stating that it plans on releasing six games on the Xbox One within its first six months, so there should be plenty of next-gen goodies to look forward to.

Aisha Tyler will once again be hosting Ubisoft’s press event — which is set to take place on June 10th at 3 p.m. PDT — so at least a few of the company’s surprises won’t remain shrouded in mystery for much longer.

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Source: Eurogamer