Rumor Patrol: ‘The Division’ Delayed into 2015

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Anyone who was paying attention during E3 2013 was treated to a plethora of blockbuster game reveals, but one game in particular really stood out as a next-generation gaming experience. During Ubisoft’s press conference, the company famed for Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance unveiled its latest IPTom Clancy’s The Division — a game that features a shared online world that allows multiple users to interact with one another.

The premise of this title — along with its beautifully rendered world, weapons, and characters — instantly made it one of the biggest points of conversation amongst gaming enthusiasts. Ubisoft confirmed that the title was on-track to hit retailers at some point in 2014, but an alleged source that claims to be from the game’s developer, Massive Entertainment, has leaked news to GameReactor (translated via VG247) that there’s almost no chance of The Division launching at any point this year.

“The game engine works well, it is not clear but works well. Actual game development has barely begun, however. The fact that Ubisoft issued a 2014 release date seems laughable if I’ll be completely honest, we will never have time to release The Division this year. This is a big project, we have very far to go…”

If this rumor turns out to be legitimate, then The Division is yet another Ubisoft title that’s been delayed in the past few months. Most recently South Park: The Stick of Truth was pushed back into 2014, joining the coveted Watch Dogs in the new year, so receiving a report that another game from the publisher will be delayed isn’t the least bit surprising. That holds especially true when taking into consideration how ambitious the title is to begin with.

The Division, whether or not it’ll actually land within its original 2014 window, is still one of the most anticipated games currently in development. Although this rumor may conflict with the software’s appearance on Game Rant‘s 12 most anticipated games of 2014 list, it’s safe to say that hopeful players would rather the developer take its time with the product then release a broken game.

Do you think this rumor is legitimate, Ranters? Would you be surprised if Ubisoft delayed Tom Clancy’s The Division?


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Source: GameReactor (via VG247)