'Assassin's Creed,' 'Splinter Cell,' 'Prince of Persia' Kinect Titles On The Way?

Ubisoft Major Titles Coming to Kinect Assassins Creed Ghost Recon

The Kinect has quickly become a source of some major conversations in recent weeks. The Xbox 360 peripheral promised to bring players the ability to control gameplay with their own bodies, and even with a proposition so strange, the Kinect went on to sell like gangbusters. With motion-focused games like Dance Central and Kinect Sports dominating the device's launch catalogue, serious players have been somewhat left out. That is going to change, according to developer Ubisoft, who recently informed MCV that they have plans to bring some of their biggest games titles to Kinect. with a stable full of blockbusters like Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon, and Prince of Persia to name a few, things could be looking up for Kinect owners and gamers alike.

We're not going to get into the debate over the definition of so-called 'real games' and their relationship to motion gaming, since the financial success of the Kinect is looking to make the differentiation an even less applicable one. Good games are good games, and Ubisoft has shown that they know how to put together interesting experiences.

We spend our time thinking of games they haven't even made yet, so the developer announcing that they plan on giving the gaming community even more of the same is good news any way you look at it.

We are already aware that some of the most promising Kinect titles are currently under production in Japan, and the rumors of a Kinect Halo title are sure to get fans around the world excited. But now North American  fans can look forward to seeing even more Kinect titles that actually sound familiar.

The device is intended to bring new and innovative game experiences to the masses after all, and according to Ubisoft's chief marketing and sales officer Geoffrey Sardin, the publisher sees the device as an opportunity to once again flex their creative muscles:

“We will be bringing some of the industry’s most innovative offerings to Kinect soon... I think we can propose Kinect versions of all the brands that we’ve got, but it is down to the production team. I can’t announce anything, but we will have something for everyone, that I can assure you.”

Ubisoft isn't suffering any insecurities when it comes to motion controls, already proclaiming themselves to be motion gaming's new superpower. If they added some major franchises to their already-impressive list of motion titles, then that announcement could become a lot more plausible.

How interested would you be in Assassin's Creed 4: Jump, Jump, Stab? Or Perhaps the most potentially dangerous Kinect title to date with Prince of Persia Kinect: Scale Your Furniture. The fact that Ubisoft is not only interested in bringing their successful mainstream franchises to Kinect, but intent on giving an experience for everybody can only be seen as a promising sign of things to come.

We'll keep you posted on any announcements from Ubisoft, and hope that they can manage to do the impossible, and actually allow a player to saunter in Ezio's greaves.

Source: MCV

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