Microsoft Customer Persona Reveals Typical Xbox One Owner

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Anyone who has worked in marketing is probably aware that most companies have something called customer profiles or customer personas. These are generalizations about typical customers that can help the company keep their needs in mind when producing products or ad campaigns. Thanks to a recent document shared during a developer conference, gamers can now take a peek at what Microsoft has on file for its typical Xbox One customers.

Customer profiles are usually based on research and market analysis, but obviously don't represent every single potential customer out there. That said, don't feel offended if you own an Xbox One and don't identify with any of these characteristics from the Microsoft document. Here are some of the basic facts and characters about Xbox One owners, based on the document:

  • 58% of the console’s owners are male, and the average age of an Xbox One owner is 33
  • 56% cohabit with a spouse or partner
  • the majority have a household income that sits between $50k and $100k
  • Xbox owners are a social bunch for the most part, with 53% spending around 17 hours per week in multiplayer games. The same group – who fall into the socializing category – have four times as many friends than average, and are more likely to have Xbox Live Gold membership

Microsoft used data gathered from a survey of 8,000 players to identify nine different player personas, each with unique motivations for owning an Xbox One and for playing games. These nine profiles help debunk the theory that all gamers fit into the same Mountain Dew drinking, Doritos eating, Madden playing archetype. Some examples from the nine player types include:

  • Experts: Spend the most time and money on Xbox and PC. Preferences are explorative RPGs with sci-fi/fantasy themes.
  • Contenders: Play competitive games with achievements and customization.
  • Soloists: Prefers single-player experiences and clock a lot of hours per gaming session.

What do you think of the Microsoft customer profiles? Do you fit any of the characteristics listed? Let us know in the comments.

Xbox One is currently available.

Source: Windows Central

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