Two Worlds 2 Trailer is All About Returning to Antaloor

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The sequel to SouthPeak Interactive's Two Worlds, aptly named Two Worlds 2, is coming and if the brand new trailer for the title doesn't get you excited then odds are you hate kittens and Christmas as well. Two Worlds 2 is an open world RPG that is really trying to improve on where the first game left off, and judging by the trailer it seems to be doing a pretty decent job at that task.

"Return to Antaloor" gives a brief tour of the world and then shows the basics that come together to form new gameplay mechanics. Apparently, a big aspect of the sequel will be the necessity to actually hunt animals for food and other resources to trade. Some of these animals are as bland as boars, but that doesn't mean all of the creatures will be something you are familiar with (i.e. GIANT SPIDERS).

It all sounds pretty awesome, but you can judge for yourself in Two World 2's new trailer titled "Return to Antaloor":


If you are a (rare) fan of the first game then you probably noticed that Antaloor looks really sharp this time around. The character models look much better, but a huge difference is the new lighting engine. Shadows appear larger if you are near a candle instead of under the sun and if you hit a dangling chandelier then you can see the shadows shifting back and forth.

In Two World 2's story you will actually team up with some of the remaining Orcs, so if you loved the first game solely for Orc genocide then you may want to go somewhere else this time around. There's a big burly bad-ass looking Orc and a female Orc that I believe is attempting sex appeal, but unfortunately she just looks like a gang member with leprosy.

Changing your character's attributes to suit your playing style is also pretty awesome. If you like to cast spells then you'll like the mage, but if you like to be knee deep in blood and guts then the warrior may be more tailored to your needs. Just like in every other RPG, killing guys and then looting bodies will get you items that you can use to make new weapons and equipment to increase your hero's stats and aid you in your quest to shank some baddies.

Two Worlds 2 is looking to be a decent RPG and I can't wait to get my hands on the final build when the game finally releases on October 5th.

Are you impressed with the new Two Worlds 2 trailer? How do you think Two Worlds 2 will turn out?

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