'Two Worlds 2' Cinematic Trailer Shows Off Combat, Review Scores

Two Worlds 2 CG Cinematic Trailer

If a person were given the opportunity to produce and release any type of game for next year, the smart decision would appear to be anything that isn't a fantasy-RPG. Dragon Age II, The Witcher 2, and apparently even a new Elder Scrolls are currently underway, but SouthPeak Games is anything but phased. It's into this mess of content that they are set to release the sequel to their 2007 RPG, Two Worlds II. Not only do we have some details on the improvements, but a brand new cinematic trailer to give fans and newcomers a taste of the action.

It's difficult to distinguish the various games that feature spells and swords and an epic war against the forces of orcs, but Two Worlds II looks to improve on the lessons learned from their first entry into the genre, Two Worlds. We've already seen the trailer focusing on the upgrades to the game engine that Reality Pump has been working on, as well as the more combat-oriented preview video.

Now we have a look at the Antaloor that players will be returning to, and the characters that they will have to get familiar with. The story of the first game had a healthy dose of orc-killing, but Two Worlds II will force players to work alongside them. To get an idea of how difficult it can be to deal with a full-grown orc, have a look at the brand new CG trailer:


The action will be familiar to any fan of the above-mentioned RPGs so this trailer, while impressive, shows just how difficult it will be for less-blockbuster games to differentiate themselves from the pack. SouthPeak believes that they have what it takes to deliver a new experience, both with upgrades to the overall look of the game, and customized programming to give the best possible performance:

"Two Worlds II features a completely new gameplay engine built specifically for the Xbox 360, as well as a revised combat system, new enemies, improved animations and an enhanced AI. This combined with the extremely detailed, interactive environment, a totally revamped inventory and spell-management tool, and an improved physics system, will be sure to make Two Worlds II a must-have title for RPG fans."

The game's website does offer a few interesting tidbits, notably the ability to swap up to four entire armor sets at the press of a button. That is surely one feature that fans of role-playing games would like to see more of. The developers at Reality Pump and TopWare will have their hands full with some major competition, since The Witcher 2 is looking good, and so is Dragon Age II. Luckily for them, they do have a few months head-start to prove they've raised the bar with Two Worlds II.

The scores and praise given in the video speak for themselves- this game has a lot going for it. Hopefully the more we see of Two Worlds II, the more we'll realize that it truly is a game that can't be missed.

Players will have the chance to return to Antaloor, or live it for the first time when Two Worlds II is released for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in January of 2011.

Source: SouthPeak Games

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