TwitchCon 2019 Streamer Drugged Amid Security Concerns

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In a nightmare that's far too real, a streamer attending TwitchCon 2019 confirmed on Twitter that she was drugged and had to go to the hospital. Twitch streamer KTLODO posted on Twitter Saturday morning confirming that she had been roofied and that her friends "saved her life" and took her to the hospital. KTLODO says that a toxicology report at the hospital confirmed that she had ingested benzodiazepines, a tranquilizer. She's since confirmed that she's safe, but that she, understandably, won't around the rest of TwitchCon.

According to KTLODO, she was at a bar of "almost solely TwitchCon attendees" and was targeted despite "being surrounded by plenty of Twitch friends." She explains how she's heartbroken over the possibility that "it was most likely one of our own." KTLODO was celebrating her birthday when the incident happened.

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What happened to KTLODO comes after a similar scare at an official Twitch party for partners that isn't necessarily all coincidence. Twitch streamer Anne Munition posted a photo from last night's official Twitch party showing a table of uncovered beers for partygoers to pick up as they please. "THIS is a huge security concern, how is this the way you're serving drinks," said Anne Munition. Again, KTLODO confirmed that she wasn't at the official Twitch party, but does raise concerns about safety at TwitchCon and in San Diego.

There's sadly no recourse for this situation. Since the party that KTLODO attended was not an official Twitch party, Twitch bears no responsibility despite deserving heavy criticism for its open-air beer at its own party. And since KTLODO wasn't able to identify who drugged her drink, there's no lead on that end. It's possible that if KTLODO files a police report that camera footage at the bar could be used to help identify who drugged KTLODO, but that may not even be possible.

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If there is one lesson to take away, it's that event security for TwitchCon and other video game conventions has to be taken much more seriously. Particularly with regard to official parties or partnered parties that take place outside of the convention itself. Twitch could encourage and educate all attendees of its conventions with regards to safety issues. While there's little that someone like KTLODO could have done, and nothing more she should have had to do, to prevent what happened, watching both your own and others' drinks can make a difference should anything like this happen again.

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