Twitch: Who is Amouranth?

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Amouranth is one of the fastest-growing streamers on Twitch, and she's known for her highly detailed cosplays and quick-witted comebacks. Her recent rapid rise in popularity comes with quite a bit of backstory. So who exactly is Amouranth?

Before The Streams Began

Kaitlyn Siragusa, aka Amouranth, is a 25-year-old streamer known for her cosplay and ASMR streams. In 2010, at 16-years-old and still in high school, Amouranth started making costumes from scratch and quickly gaining respect for her talent. She would later catch the attention of the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet who hired her to make original pieces for their productions. During her time with the two prestigious companies, she would attend conventions to showcase her love of nerd culture.

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While she was gaining popularity in Houston, Amouranth started her own company called "A Charmed Affair". The company started in 2015 and helps bring Disney Princesses to birthday parties and charity events. Her costumes and characters were featured on local news reports and even on TLC's "The Little Couple".


Siragusa started streaming under the name "Amouranth" in 2016 as a self-described "Variety Streamer." Originally, Amouranth played Just Dance and Pokemon but also keeps viewers entertained with her ASMR and Just Chatting streams. Amouranth has always had a strong personality but her bump in followers and subscribers was the result of several recent events.

The most well-known Amouranth controversy to date is her accidental exposure on stream. She had been rolling around on the floor, trying to catch the attention of her dog, when her shorts slipped down revealing that she wasn't wearing any underwear. The slip was against Twitch's rules of conduct and her channel was banned for 3 days.

Many fans came to her defense, arguing that the slip was an obvious mistake and that banning her was an overreaction. From that day forward, Amouranth became the fastest-growing Twitch Streamer, gaining 400,000+ followers in the 7 day span thereafter.

The wardrobe mishap isn't the only thing the streamer is known for. Earlier this summer, Amouranth was streaming from a store when she was caught by employees and questioned whether she was recording. Amouranth lied that she was just video chatting with someone. Many quickly went to town calling out that she got away with the lie after she had already been banned for streaming without permission.

More recently, Amouranth was seen being kicked out of a TwitchCon 2019 panel this last week. The video garnered a lot of attention and showed a TwitchCon employee asking her to leave upon entry into the panel. It's been recently suggested that the ban from the panel wasn't due to the streamer's radical personality, but rather because there were simply no seats left for the event.

Although the TwitchCon incident was on one of the more tame events for Amouranth, many viewers have wondered whether Twitch's Terms of Service are actually encouraging controversial behavior within streamers. It seems that streamers stand to benefit the more as they grow their audiences.

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The Stalking and Doxxing

In 2018, YouTuber L Of The Day, created a video exposing that Amouranth had been in a relationship for many years. The doxxing took many fans by surprise as several were donating large amounts of money to Amouranth's stream and Patreon. L Of The Day concluded that Amouranth had been lying to her fans in order to mislead them into donating more money. In classic Amouranth style, she responded to the video saying that her fans don't date believing that there is some romantic interest.

"People don't donate to me because they think it improves their chances with me in some romantic way any more than do people donate to large male streamers because they fantasize about a romantic engagement with Soda, Lirik, or Ninja."

Many female streamers are too familiar with being stalked, which is often the reason why they don't operate under their real names. After the video exposing her long term relationship, Amouranth admitted that she had been stalked several times by fans. There were a few incidents where she had to report to the police when people who had left their home country and showed up to her house late at night. The stalking was, unfortunately, something that Amouranth is all too familiar with, but she shrugs off the experiences in general.

Amouranth continues to stream and dedicates around twelve hours a day to entertaining and updating her social media. The schedule is brutal but is what keeps her whole platform going. Think what one may about Amouranth's personality and practices, Amouranth still persists despite the controversy and for the enjoyment of increasingly loyal fans.

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