One Twitch prankster is on the hook for $50,000 after PayPal denies his refund request a month after he had made numerous ‘false’ donations to livestreamers.

As it turns out, not everything on Twitch is as peaceful and joyful as the Bob Ross Marathon from last year. When it comes down to the financials, Twitch streamers have been embroiled in every controversy from divorce court proceedings to arguments about scantily-clad women seeking donations. This week, the drama has centered on a modern prankster who donated large sums of money to various Twitch livestreamers, with the intention of getting his donation back via a chargeback one month later.

It’s a cruel prank to pull, as many liverstreamers depend on these donations to pay the bills, and by the time a month goes by many would have already spent the donations on necessities. The prankster would get to see their initial joy at receiving donations ranging from one to five thousand dollars, and then get to watch inevitable reaction videos as he takes away the cash at the last second. That was his plan, at least, until the Twitch accounts got some justice, with PayPal refusing to refund the $50,000 in donations that the prankster had dolled out.

Here’s a video that gives the situation more personal context, as it features several of the livestreamers reacting to the initial donations:

The user behind the donations makes posts emphasizing his affluent lifestyle on his personal Twitter, where he can be seen making bulk purchases on Steam and posting photographs of money. Now that his PayPal prank has backfired, he’s also nonchalantly showing him paying the bills from his would-be stunt, indicating the extra $1,010 monthly payments aren’t a big deal for the well-off gamer. After taking a look at his Twitter account, this seems to be a case of one spoiled kid not caring about money, as it seems like his substantial income comes straight from his parents.

This isn’t the first case of prank donations on Twitch, nor will it be the last. Still, it stands out due to the sheer volume of donations, and it’ll be a long time before any other failed pranksters manage to dethrone this guy and his $50,000 deficit. We have to say, we don’t mind seeing this kind of karma.

For its part, Twitch is currently attempting to curb the racism seen in comments sections, and is continuing to keep adult games out of the service’s lineup. There’s not much Twitch can do to stop false donations from coming in, but we can only hope the latest outcome deters future pranksters.

What do you think about PayPal blocking the Twitch prankster’s refunds, Ranters?

Source: NeoGAF

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