How to Use Twitch Studio for Streaming

how to use twitch studio

While this console generation added the ability to stream directly to Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer, the capabilities of those consoles are extremely limited. And to stream on PC or to stream a console game through a PC involves using third-party software and a pretty involved setup. Now, Twitch is looking to greatly lower the barrier of entry for streamers with its new native PC app called Twitch Studio.

Twitch is describing its new native Twitch Studio app as "an all-in-one streaming app for new streamers that cuts down on the guesswork to setup a quality stream and makes it easier to engage with your community." The app helps streamers setup a webcam, microphone, and their channel without the need for a third party application like OBS or XSplit.

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While OBS and software like it will surely continue to be the most robust and best option for established and popular streamers who have more complex streams, Twitch is clearly designing Twitch Studio for new streamers. Here's how to get started with Twitch Studio.

Sign up for the Beta

Currently, Twitch Studio is in closed beta with more invitations rolling out every week. Sign up here on Twitch's site to get into the beta for Twitch Studio. Twitch Studio requires Windows 7 or newer. There is currently no version for Mac or mobile devices.

Set up a webcam and mic

twitch studio mic setup

Twitch Studio will guide users through a setup process for their webcam and microphone. This includes adding a filter to the camera feed to give the video of the streamer different color temperatures and effects.

Customize channel layout

twitch studio layouts

After setting up the webcam and microphone, Twitch Studio gives users a way to customize the layout of their channel, picking the placement of elements, color scheme, wallpapers, and accent images. Users can also set up built-in activity feeds, alerts, and chat to better help them engage with their viewers.

What's next for Twitch Studio

With Twitch Studio in beta, Twitch is launching the app with limited features to a limited amount of users, hoping to catch any bugs before fully launching the new native app. Twitch says in the months ahead it will add in-game overlays, support for capture cards, additional integration with Twitch functionality, and more currently unannounced features.

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