Who Are the Most Popular Twitch Streamers

Twitch has helped to make livestreaming popular and has created a crop of new celebrities who strike lucrative endorsement deals and play games alongside A-listers. This list looks at the most popular Twitch streamers, ranking the top 10 streamers from 10th to 1st by how many followers they have.

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10 DrDisrespect


DrDisrespect is a controversial figure who was banned from Twitch back in June after streaming from a bathroom at E3 2019. This is the sort of behavior that many of the streamer's 3.67 million Twitch followers tune in for, though.

DrDisrespect's streams are all about comedy, making viewers laugh as he enjoys battle royale games and other shooters. His theatrics and production values have won him some fans too, like the time he got "caught" reinstalling PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds after uninstalling the game in a rage.

9 TSM_Daequan

Daequan, or Daequan Loco, is a member of the esports organization TSM where he is a professional Fortnite player. Viewers tune into his streams to see him come up with effective Fortnite strategies such as the double pump strategy that has caused some controversy, to learn a thing or two about the game, and just for entertainment.

Daequan has 3.7 million followers on Twitch and most of these followers are Fortnite fans. However, the streamer has also played at a high level in games like Destiny, Black Desert Online, and Smite, so his legendary gaming skills have helped to grow his audience too.

8 Summit1g

Summit1g found fame online as a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. After retiring from the game, summit1g has been entertaining his 3.9 million Twitch followers by playing a range of games such as H1Z1, Escape From Tarkov, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Hunt: Showdown.

The retired esports player does sometimes go back to CS:GO but many viewers of the Twitch streamer watch for his gaming skills as well as his personality.

7 TimTheTatman

TimTheTatMan, who has 4.014 million Twitch followers, is one of several people to have grown their follower counts in a big way following the release of Fortnite. While his Just Chatting streams and streams of games like World of Warcraft also get huge views, it's the Fortnite content that people really know TimTheTatMan for.

The Twitch streamer has seen his popularity grow as Ninja has left Twitch for Mixer. TimTheTatMan also made it onto the Game Rant list of Fortnite streamers to watch on Twitch.

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6 Riot Games

league of legends ballers hbo

Riot Games is a company, not a single streamer, but with 4.055 million Twitch followers, the Riot Games Twitch account is one of the most popular channels. The channel exclusively streams professional League of Legends matches from around the world, with broadcasts also offering analysis of plays.

The success of the Riot Games Twitch channel isn't so surprising as League of Legends is hugely successful. League of Legends makes billions of dollars in the sale of cosmetics, it has millions of players, and in 2019 it was the most viewed game on Twitch.

5 dakotaz

Showing that sticking to a schedule can really help to grow someone's audience on Twitch, dakotaz has 4.061 million Twitch followers who tune in for his daily streams. Dakotaz is now a professional Fortnite player but before that, he gained a reputation for playing games like H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Incredibly, dakotaz also has a huge following on YouTube. 3.06 million people are subscribed on YouTube, where they can watch dakotaz' Minecraft and Fortnite videos.

4 Myth

Professional Fortnite player Myth has 5.3 million followers on Twitch, but the streamer wasn't always so successful. Myth got his start playing Paragon, the Epic Games MOBA which was cannibalized by Fortnite. Myth was quick to play Fortnite, though, and his skills at the game have been a huge part of his success.

Myth also streams games like Minecraft and The Walking Dead for those who aren't just looking for skillful Fortnite plays.

3 Shroud

shroud twitter hacked

Former CS:GO pro shroud has an incredible 6.9 million followers on Twitch. Viewers tune in to watch shroud play games like CS:GO, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, and for some GTA 5 roleplaying too.

While shroud has said that he will likely lose followers and subscribers because of his World of Warcraft Classic streams, it seems that his follower numbers are doing okay.

2 Tfue

top ten twitch

Professional Fortnite player Tfue has 6.994 million followers on Twitch, entertaining viewers with streams of Fortnite and Minecraft. This has made Tfue a huge success and the streamer revealed that he has made $20 million in one year.

The pro player's streams are sometimes controversial, though, and earlier this month Tfue used a racial slur in a stream.

1 Ninja

how much is mixer paying ninja

Ninja is one of the most famous names in gaming, having earned his fame as a skilled Fortnite player. In August, Ninja left Twitch for Mixer in a deal that earned the streamer millions of dollars, suggest rumors.

Not everyone has heard about this, though, and Ninja's Twitch account has 14.6 million followers. It's unclear whether these followers don't know Ninja is streaming exclusively on Mixer or are hopeful that he'll come back to Twitch, but whatever the reason for it, it makes Ninja the most popular streamer on there.

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