Twitch Streamer Terrified by Donation While Playing Man of Medan

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KonviktTV had to take a break while live streaming The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan last Friday, after a well-timed donation scared him more than the game had. Gearing up for a special Friday the 13th stream, KonviktTV invited his fans via Twitter to "Join us tonight for tons of jump scares and laughs!"

Man of Medan by Supermassive Games is the first installation of The Dark Pictures anthology. Game Rant reviewed The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan recently and found that the game succeeded in delivering scares. Man of Medan follows a group of friends on a dive boat exploring the South Pacific for a rumored sunken ship from WWII. The friends become stranded by a storm, that leaves them abandoned on the ghost ship. Man of Medan is intended to be a co-op online game where players and their friends have to navigate their way off the ship.

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KonviktTV decided to play the co-op with Bashley168 going through the entire campaign of the game together. Bashley168 mentioned several times how she wasn't ready for the thrills and chills The Dark Pictures Anthology had in store for them and was even drinking alcohol to calm her nerves. "I hate horror games so much," she cried during the stream before the game was even started. Which of course prompted KonviktTV to throw in the occasional "boo" and jump scare keep her on her toes.

The real irony came when KonviktTV decided to add a special scary feature whenever some donated in the chat. Every time someone donated to the stream, a scary gif would pop up alerting KonviktTV of the generous addition. About three hours into the stream, user Rakazi decided to drop a $6.66 donation into the chat. KonviktTV was in the middle of a cut scene whose tension was building when suddenly the generous donation hit.

A terrifying gif of a girl screaming popped into the frame, sending KonviktTV into a scream and laughter fit so bad he threw his hands up and had to walk away from the stream. The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan has users in a constant state of tension, but the donation was what sent KonviktTV over the edge. Rakazi, the user who donated, watched on laughing with the rest of the chat saying "Got him."

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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