Twitch Streamer Banned for Reckless Driving, Almost Hitting Pedestrians

twitch pajalockk banned reckless driving

Twitch is practically a household name for gamers the world over, and the live-streaming video platform is sometimes known for its inconsistency when it comes to issuing bans. That said, permanent bans are a thing on Twitch, and they have been used in cases like when MrDeadMoth assaulted his pregnant wife. While the verdict is still out, Polish streamer Pajalockk, who recently made an IRL stream while recklessly driving, may also find himself with a permanent Twitch ban.

Driving during a stream often falls into the category of self-destructive behavior in Twitch's Community Guidelines, but Pajalockk's recent stream took things a bit further. Not only can he be seen responding to chat while driving, Pajalockk nearly hits pedestrians on two separate occasions during the stream in what amounts to reckless driving.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, and resulted in Pajalockk's Twitch account being banned, although whether this is temporary or permanent is unknown at the time of writing. Police have also begun an investigation into the matter and are currently working on ID'ing the driver. The local law may mandate that two witnesses positively ID the driver, or the vehicle's owner may be required to ID the person in control of the vehicle at the time of the offense, as Pajalockk never shows his face during the stream in question.

It remains to be seen what becomes of the situation, but it's worth mentioning that driving during a stream has resulted in bans before. A recent example would be Twitch streamer Mitch Jones, who received a 1-week ban for streaming while driving around with Miss Tricky. A clip from Pajalockk's stream has been captured by xQcOW for posterity.

As previously mentioned, Twitch has a spotty reputation when it comes to consistent bans on the platform, so it's possible that Pajalockk returns after a few weeks. However, since the incident occurred, it seems that Pajalockk has been quiet on the matter, though apologies for such an incident are the norm. For example, Dr. DisRespect recently broke character to apologize for his most recent ban, even if he later joked about the E3 2019 bathroom controversy in-character, so something similar may come from Pajalockk when, and if, he returns to streaming.

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