Partnered Twitch Streamer Loses All Social Media Accounts in Divorce

Twitch Streamer Loses Account in Divorce

A partnered Twitch streamer has lost both her Twitch and Twitter accounts in a divorce, prompting confusion from fans who tuned in only to see a new woman on the channel.

A popular Twitch stream who goes by the online name of ara_gaming has just gone through a divorce. While it's always sad to see a relationship that wasn't meant to be, what really makes this case stand out is the fact that ara_gaming's husband has somehow won access to her social media accounts in the divorce proceedings, entitling him to both her Twitter and Twitch accounts.

It may be a sign of the times (last year, the Manhattan Supreme Court allowed a woman to deliver her husband divorce papers through Facebook), but all of her almost 30,000 Twitch fans were in for a pretty big shock when they tuned in to her channel, only to discover a new woman had taken over the feed. The new woman refused to comment on how she came to commandeer the channel, causing many fans to believe that ara_gaming's husband took the Twitch channel and immediately sold it for a profit.

The new streamer says she is unable to make any comments on her acquisition of the ara_gaming channel due to legal reasons, but did say that ara_gaming "decided to stop streaming and incorporate [the channel] so people can still enjoy some of the gameplay while she is no longer streaming". Reportedly, the entire sale of the channel was also the original streamers idea, though none of this has been backed up by ara_gaming herself, who has gone radio silent since the post-divorce drama unfolded.

Ara Gaming New Woman

Fans haven't been receptive to the change of host, and have started an #aragate hashtag on Twitter in protest. While fans are demanding answers be brought forward, this is a very unlikely outcome considering that it looks like both parties have signed some non-disclosure agreements as part of both the divorce and the newcomer's acquisition of the channel.

Someone claiming to be the husband did jump on Twitch chat, and stated that ara_gaming wouldn't be streaming for 5 years. Whether this was the actual husband or not remains to be seen, but one has to feel like forcing someone to stop their work for 5 years as part of a divorce agreement would be a pretty harsh outcome.

While many fans have been quite vocal about their thoughts on the host change, the channel still has over 28,000 subscribers, so it hasn't gone under a Fine Bros-like follower loss since the announcement, though only time will if the new streamer will have a solid subscriber base to launch off from in the near future.

This isn't the first time Twitch viewers have tuned into something dramatic. Last month, a UFC fighter's stream was interrupted for a drug test, and last year saw some streamers condemning  scantily clad female streamers. In any event, one wishes that something like the Boss Ross Twitch Marathon would come along again to calm things down a bit.

What do you think about this Twitch drama, Ranters? Do you think ara_gaming will be back?

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