Twitch Streamer KBubblez Says Reddit Has Ruined Her Life

twitch streamer kbubblez says reddit ruined her life

Back in June, Twitch streamer KBubblez was criticized for bad driving in a stream, which saw her mocked online on forums, most notably the LivestreamFail subreddit. Since then, KBubblez hasn't streamed nearly as much, and in a recent broadcast, she talked about how the negative attention has impacted her.

"I want to be banned from Reddit," KBubblez said in the stream. "I feel like Reddit ruined my f****** life." KBubblez received some support from her Twitch chat who tried to make her feel better or suggested that she stay away from Reddit to avoid seeing the negative comments. However, the chat was also full of trolls who tried to make KBubblez feel worse. Eventually, word of the KBubblez stream made it to the LivestreamFail subreddit. KBubblez, apparently reading what people were saying on Reddit, became emotional during her broadcast.

Click here to watch a clip from the KBubblez stream, but be warned that it contains some harsh language.

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KBubblez said that she does not want to stream anymore, but continued to stream and announced on her Twitter that she is going to go live soon. So despite becoming emotional about how people are treating her since the driving incident, it seems like KBubblez has decided to keep trying her hand at streaming.

KBubblez is far from the only Twitch streamer to get negative attention for her driving streams. In one of the more significant instances, Polish streamer Pajalockk was banned after he was recklessly driving while streaming. Pajalockk was responding to the Twitch chat while driving, and nearly hit two pedestrians because of the distractions.

In another instance, Twitch streamer Mitch Jones was banned for one week after a driving stream. Jones would later explain that Twitch banned him not for simply streaming while driving, but for looking at his phone while driving in the stream. Jones was also looking at and responding to the Twitch chat during the stream. Jones admitted that he deserved the suspension and conceded that he should "probably just not stream and drive."

Twitch didn't hand out permanent bans for these instances, which gives these streamers shots at redeeming themselves. KBubblez has a significant following on Twitch, over 100,000 followers, and so she can still bounce back and rebuild her channel, but how she will go about it exactly remains to be seen.

Source: Dexerto

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