Twitch Streamer MrDeadMoth Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Pregnant Wife

twitch streamer mrdeadmoth pleads guilty to assaulting pregnant wife

Luke James Munday, a former Twitch streamer who was known by the name MrDeadMoth, has plead guilty to common assault. The 26 year old Sydney, Australia resident was streaming Fortnite at the time of the assault on December 10, 2018, with the audio of what happened captured live on the stream.

Munday's wife, identified in court documents as Grace Campbell, was attempting to get Munday to stop playing Fortnite and eat dinner with his family. Campbell asked Munday repeatedly to stop playing the game. Eventually, this escalated to Campbell yelling at Munday and throwing things at both him and his computer, including a kettle. Munday then slapped his pregnant wife in the face and pushed her to the ground. The couple's children were home during the incident and can be heard in the stream.

The assault itself can't be seen on camera, but the audio of the ordeal can be heard clearly. Munday's sentencing will take place on August 26. The maximum penalty he faces is two years in jail, with the minimum being a fine.

WARNING: The following video features audio of domestic violence that some may find disturbing.

Campbell, meanwhile, has since been charged with two counts of common assault, as throwing objects at Munday caused him to sustain minor injuries. Campbell was granted bail, but will have to report to the Campbelltown police station three times per week for her actions.

In the aftermath of the domestic violence incident, Munday was banned from Twitch. However, like many Twitch "bans," Munday's MrDeadMoth channel was only taken down temporarily. When Munday returned to Twitch, it caused quite the uproar, with Twitch responding to the backlash by once again banning Munday from the platform - this time permanently.

Twitch bans have long been the source of controversy, as there are those who accuse the streaming platform of being more lenient with its top streamers. For example, Dr Disrespect broke the law in a Twitch stream by filming inside of a public bathroom on multiple occasions at E3 2019, but that only resulted in a two week suspension.  It will be interesting to see if Twitch becomes stricter moving forward, especially now that streams have resulted in actual legal proceedings.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald (via Independent)

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