Twitch Streamer Creates Inventive Way to Deal With Harassers

Twitch PaladinAmber hilarious reaction to trolls

Twitch streamer PaladinAmberΒ has become a viral sensation after coming up with an inventive way to deal with harassment and those who leave inappropriate requests in chat. Streamers are no strangers to harassment and handling raunchy remarks when they stream, but PaladinAmber's shutdowns have been called "hilarious" by Twitch viewers.

Clips of PaladinAmber's creative shutdowns have racked up millions of views online, with one clip, of the streamer answering a question about her relationship status, really proving popular. In the clip, the streamer reads out the question "are you straight, bi, or single?" before switching to a new scene which makes the stream look like a news broadcast. "Breaking news, I am a female on the Internet, but I don't want to date any of you," she says. PaladinAmber just wants to play Rainbow Six Siege and have fun.

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Then, using a variety of camera angles, PaladinAmber explains that "it is possible to be on the Internet and not want to do the horizontal tango with one another or with any of you guys." The clip, which also has a funny "garbage goblin" ticker, has been viewed 2.77 million times, with more than 27,000 retweets, and more than 120,000 likes. PaladinAmber has also used a TV sales scene to shut down requests for foot play, hugs, and nudes. These videos has been just as popular, getting more than 4 million views on Twitter.

It's easy to smile at PaladinAmber's creative way of handling things, but unfortunately, it is part of a larger issue. This isn't an isolated incident, with some Twitch streamers posting footage of their stalkersΒ and others sharing stories about banned users who make multiple accounts to bother them.

Twitch streamer BrookeAB took a break from the platform after getting threats. "This is what content creators should be calling out, and this is what content creators shouldn't be allowing," said PaladinAmber, who also called for other streamers to use call outs to tackle the issue.

Not everyone is following PaladinAmber's suggestion of calling users out for their gross requests. Other Twitch streamers, like Belle Delphine, sold her bath water so that she could make bank from those making inappropriate comments. The streamer also trolled people by making a fake PornHub account.

Many also use chat bots to ban viewers and some words and phrases, but these can have their limits. To stop people from leaving messages like these, the behavior of the viewers would need to change, not just the way that streamers deal with them.

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