Twitch Streamer Suspended for Weird Reason After Wearing Chun-Li Cosplay

Twitch streamer quqco

A Twitch streamer has been banned for wearing cosplay of Street Fighter's Chun-Li. She is one of several high profile Twitch streamers to receive a temporary ban from the platform for what she's wearing and some are suggesting that Twitch may need to take another look at its moderation policies.

On Twitter, Twitch streamer quqco shared a screenshot of an email she'd received from Twitch explaining that she'd been banned for "sharing or engaging sexually suggestive content or activities." quqco will be unable to stream for three days, said the email.

Quqco and many of her bands were shocked by the ban. "I am fully covered," wrote the streamer in a tweet, "I don't understand how this is sexually suggestive content?" While the Chun-Li cosplay does show some thigh, bare skin of someone's leg alone isn't sexually suggestive. Quqco, who has been banned before when she wore Mai Shiranui cosplay, told Kotaku that "I actually bought one size up to ensure that the slit wasn’t too high."

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There are multiple allegations and frustrations being fired on social media. One allegation is that Twitch's decision to ban streamers like quqco and Overwatch streamer Fareeha, who was banned for wearing workout clothes, is because these female streamers are being brigaded. In tweets posted before her ban, quqco called out Twitch for kowtowing to a "bunch of trolls" who will mass report female streamers whether they are violating Twitch's rules on sexually suggestive content or not.

Under quqco's tweets, several also accuse Twitch of failing to properly enforce its rules. "You could lunge a cat or make racist remarks and be fine," said Twitter user Derek Rumper, who is talking about Twitch's decision not to ban Alinity after she was accused of animal abuse. "I think they're inconsistent," said Rumper. One user named Jen shared an image that said that Alinity hadn't been banned for breaking Twitch rules on using racial slurs and sexually suggestive content while quqco was just banned for wearing Chun-Li cosplay.

Few seem to be suggesting that Twitch shouldn't have rules about sexually suggestive content or that streamers like Amouranth, who accidentally flashed viewers in a stream, should have their strikes removed. However, streamers would like Twitch to apply these rules evenly and to provide more information on what is sexually suggestive or not, so that they don't violate them again.

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Source: Kotaku (via Dexerto)

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