Twitch Streamer Accidentally Breaks Monitor Trying to Troll Viewers

twitch streamer breaks monitor

A Twitch streamer named RusseL made himself the butt of his own joke this week after a fairly harmless prank went awry for the gamer. RusseL was streaming the videogame Secret Neighbour when one of his viewers asked if the streamer could refrain from making loud noises, as he was going to bed. The Twitch streamer acknowledged the wish, but had other plans in mind: he suddenly began blowing loudly into the microphone and thumping his desk, making as much loud noise as he could.

Unfortunately for RusseL, his attempts at playing a joke on his viewer left him with egg on his face: his fists pounding on the desk quickly upended his second monitor, causing it to fall. The collision damaged a good portion of the screen, which then displayed vertical streaks of color instead of the intended image.

While RusseL absorbed the situation with a shocked look on his face, his audience broke out into a mixture of laughter and disbelief, with one chat group member asking "Did he break his monitor?". RusseL showed the audience the evidence, which reveals that his five-second prank ended up being quite a costly one for the streamer.

While the situation is unfortunate for RusseL, it's a welcome break from the scandals that have headlined Twitch's presence of late: the live streaming service recently found itself in hot water after promoting porn through Ninja's old channel, and there was the recent Alinity animal abuse scandal.

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Beyond the platform's growing list of memorable scandals, other streamers have damaged equipment mid-stream, too: a streamer named Xposed once broke his monitor after losing out in a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 competition. He threw off his headset and chucked a controller at his second monitor, which damaged the screen. After regaining some of his composure, he showed the audience the damage - which, in the cycle of things, nets him more views and somewhat encourages similar outbreaks in the future.

Likewise, the view count for RusseL's prank is at just about 35,000 viewers, which is a higher number than his own subscriber count. While the prank may have ended up costing the streamer, chances are it may have just increased his audience, too. We can only hope RusseL takes more care of his equipment in the future, as items like monitors don't come cheap. On the plus side, at least his dual monitor setup allows him to use another monitor in the meantime.

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