Every year, many records are set and broken on Twitch, the popular streaming platform used by many gamers and gaming enthusiasts around the globe. One streamer who set out 3 years ago to become the first streamer to play and beat all 714 Nintendo Entertainment System games has just completed his ambitious goal, a record-setting task that took about 3,400 hours of playtime to accomplish.

While the feat may eventually be repeated by other Twitch users, only this streamer – Piotr Delgado Kusielczuk, popularly known as The Mexican Runner – can get to say he was the first in the world to accomplish the all-encompassing task. While Kusielczuk holds speedrun records in Battletoads and Contra, this will undoubtedly be his most famous achievement to date.

His task to beat all 714 NES titles came when a friend jokingly challenged him to due so in May 2014, an idea that evidently took a firm hold on Piotr.

He systematically cleared very title live on his Twitch stream, and that includes not only every single North American release, but 35 NES titles which were PAL region only. The challenge picked up the appropriate moniker of ‘NESMania’, and only time will tell how long The Mexican Runner will be its sole champion.

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Once Kusielczuk accomplished his goal, the understandably overjoyed streamer began playing guitar and singing in celebration of finally completing his 714th NES title from start to finish. Through his console-wide journey, Kusielczuk played everything from classic Super Mario Bros. titles to Miracle Piano Teaching System, an educational game which took him quite some time to master.

Thankfully, this journey was much more than just a regular speedrun, and the fans were with Kusielczuk as he slowly traversed through every gauntlet thrown down on him by the NES.

Twitch has seen some pretty wild things of late, ranging from Twitch users  collectively beating a chess grandmaster to watching two robots have strange conversations powered by Cleverbot. It’s not known what The Mexican Runner plans to do next after clearing every other title, although there are a few games which we are certain he won’t be streaming anytime soon.

What do you think of Piotr’s record, Ranters? Where do you think the Twitch streamer will go from here?

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