Twitch Streamer Banned for 3 Days for Silly Reason

Twitch streamer forsale18

Twitch streamer Forsale18 gets a three-day ban on the streaming service for what some are saying is a silly reason. Fans of the streamer, who broadcasts variety and gaming content, have also criticized Twitch for handing out a ban to Forsale18 while allowing others who have done more serious terms of service violations off the hook.

Forsale18 says that the day after doing his first Minecraft stream, he discovered that his Twitch channel had been suspended. Twitch hadn't emailed the streamer to confirm the suspension, so when Forsale18 went to submit a support ticket about the suspension, he was told that his account hadn't been suspended and to log into an account that had been. Forsale18 submitted an account hacking support ticket to see if that would get the ball rolling and lo and behold, Twitch did then send an email confirming that the streamer had been banned for three days for spam.

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Forsale18 says that he suspects that someone must have reported him for the emote spam and that they just didn't like the emote that was being posted. While few would disagree that Forsale18 needs to cool it with the emote spam, one viewer named Zach N expressed some disbelief that "With what else is going on" on Twitch this is why the platform is handing out bans.

Twitch has come under fire for failing to hand out bans to other streamers on its platform, who some viewers feel have performed more serious actions. Alinity, a Twitch streamer who was accused of animal abuse, was able to avoid a ban after throwing her cat over her head and for giving it alcohol during a live stream, making smaller bans like Forsale18's spam suspension seem ridiculous when compared to incidents like Alinity's.

The discrepancy in how Twitch hands out bans and how the platform is being run is one reason why the hashtag #TWITCHISOVERPARTY began trending on Twitter today. Thousands of tweets were posted calling out the Twitch moderation team for how it hands out bans, while the Twitch organization as a whole was slammed for using Ninja's channel to promote other streamers. While Twitch is still the largest streaming platform out there, issues like these may make some users move to rival platforms.

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Source: Twitter - Forsale18, Dexerto

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