Twitch Streamer Alinity Accused of Animal Abuse After Throwing Cat On-Stream

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Popular Twitch streamer Alinity Divine is being accused of animal abuse following a viral clip from her stream showing her throwing her cat over her head. Alinity is mid-match playing Apex Legends when her cat Milo appears to step onto her keyboard. Alinity then picks up the cat with both of her hands and throws it over her head. When asked about her cat on-stream, Alinity responded that "I didn't think anyone would notice it."

After the Twitch clip showing Alinity throwing her cat went viral, a second clip of Alinity putting her cat at risk was found. The clip shows Alinity tricking her cat into licking vodka from her lips. Alcohol of any type is toxic to cats and even a small amount can be poisonous or result in permanent liver, kidney, or nervous system damage. High alcohol content drinks like that of vodka are known to be especially dangerous for pets, who cannot process alcohol as humans can.

A third clip showing Alinity kicking her dog while it was chasing one of her cats is also being shared, and is currently the only incident that can still be found on Twitch. The other clips aren't on Twitch, but can be found on Streamable.

Beyond her short comments on-stream about believing her viewers wouldn't notice her throwing her cat, Alinity hasn't provided a comment on the allegations. In fact, she's since gone live and is continuing to stream Apex Legends, using the attention to climb to the third-ranked Apex Legends Twitch Streamer for the day.

Twitch has yet to issue a statement on the allegations either, despite animal abuse being a violation of its Terms of Service and the partnered streamer contract. It's unclear if Twitch will respond at all or if it considers Alinity's actions within acceptable actions.

Women streamers on Twitch are historically targeted by harassment and false accusations, but today's allegations of animal cruelty against Alinity are difficulty to deny. Alcohol is deadly to pets, but Alinity's clip shows her putting some directly into her cat's mouth. Cats may be agile, but the way Alinity used both of her arms to throw her cat was undeniably violent and dangerous.

Whether Alinity will face any consequences for her actions, from Twitch or otherwise, remains to be seen. But they're certain to demand response at the very least. Expect further updates as they're available.

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