Twitch Streamer Goes Live After Home Robbery, Assault

Twitch streamer home invasion

A Twitch streamer goes live after being assaulted in a home robbery. Speaking to viewers, the streamer claims that the home invaders took all of his money and now he can't pay his rent, but some viewers have major doubts about his story.

Streamer RollzReezy surprised viewers yesterday by showing up live on Twitch with a bloodied face. In the clip below, blood covers much of the streamer's nose, right cheek, and lips as he explains that his home was robbed and the culprits took his money and his cellphone. He also states that his rent isn't paid, and he doesn't have much food. If he sells his computer, he'll be unable to contact anyone.

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Twitch streamer home invasion
Click the image to view the clip. NSFW

As the clip of RollzReezy sharing his ordeal began to be shared, some did have sympathy for the streamer, but this quickly changed as some pointed out holes in his story. Several users pointed out that it was odd that RollzReezy's first thought after being beaten up was to go live on Twitch. Others said that is was strange that the streamer waited for three hours after going live to clean the blood off of his face and accused RollzReezy of faking everything to get donations.

Surprising no one, RollzReezy's channel has now been taken offline. The Twitch clips taken from his broadcast are only available as mirrored on other video hosting sites. The streamer was likely suspended by Twitch for showing his face covered in blood, even if it was fake blood. While the live streaming platform is sometimes at odds with viewers, such as when it chose not to ban Alinity, it seems that few are disagreeing with Twitch's choice to put RollzReezy in a timeout.

It's unclear when the streamer may return. Twitch has handed out bans for much smaller offenses, such as the streamer who was banned three days for spamming emotes. Twitch likely takes depictions of injuries more seriously than emote spam, so RollzReezy's ban could be for longer. When the streamer does return, however, many viewers will likely be asking the streamer to explain himself as they investigate whether he really was robbed. In the meantime, some are suggesting that RollzReezy files a police report.

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Source: Reddit - LivestreamFails

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