A Twitch Streamer is Streaming From a Cambodian Prison

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The Twitch streaming service has been making headlines lately for its treatment of high-profile streamers, Ninja moving to Mixer, and the controversy over Alinity's treatment of her pets. Because of some of these instances, many feel as if Twitch gives special treatment to certain individuals, which some may argue is the case for Finnish streamer rappiomatkaaja who is known for his "wild" streams that definitely go against community standards. Now, his latest adventure has landed him in a Cambodian prison, where he continues to stream.

Unfortunately, the exact reasoning for the streamer's arrest hasn't been revealed, as rappiomatkaaja seems to be waiting on his return to Finland to do so. All that is known is that he was arrested at an airport for "causing confusion in public," but his public reputation precedes him. Many believe that his arrest was somehow tied to an "insane drug-fueled trip" with Twitch streams and other videos of rappiomatkaaja showcasing sex, drugs, and more.

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This trip is reportedly the explanation for the loss of his passport, but once again, it's worth reiterating that the full details are currently unknown. If this proves to be the case, it begs the question as to why Twitch would continue allowing rappiomatkaaja to stream. On top of that, some of the content includes visits to a prison bathroom, which is also against community standards and resulted in a ban of Dr. Disrespect at E3 2019. One major difference is that there is no one using the bathroom in rappiomatkaaja's stream, but many may feel that is in bad taste nonetheless.

Other questions concerning rappiomatkaaja's circumstance are how his cellmate, a New Zealand journalist, has a phone to play games, how he is even allowed to stream, and how he got his phone and any other personal belongings back from the guards. There appear to be a few simple explanations to this, with rappiomatkaaja reportedly claiming to have bribed one of these guards to get his stuff back.

The other explanation is that he isn't in a full-blown prison, but more of a holding cell for immigrants, which makes more sense given his situation. This would allow him to keep his personal belongings and stream on Twitch, but an official explanation isn't available.

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Source: CEO News, Reddit

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