Twitch To Run A Shopping Channel For Amazon Prime Day

Twitch Sells Out Prime Day

Twitch is no stranger to outside-the-box ideas, and the streaming platform is celebrating Amazon Prime Day in a unique retro fashion: by hosting a shopping channel. When the calendar hits July 15 and July 16, Twitch will begin streaming a live shopping show that it promises will be unlike anything viewers have ever witnessed, but in a good way. The event will be called Twitch Sells Out: A Prime Day Special Event, and it looks like it may be a spectacle, for better or worse.

The two 12-hour daily broadcasts will feature a curated selection of what Twitch calls the "best of the best" Amazon Prime Day sales items, and will feature dozens of popular Twitch streamers participating on the shopping channel. Twitch wouldn't say who these hosts will be, but revealed that the full list of participants will be released on July 10. These hosts will be selling everything from kitchenware to games, with Twitch indicating that as-yet-unseen gaming footage from upcoming releases will be shown by some of the streamers as well.

The event looks like it will be both a parody of old-school shopping channels and an actual sales machine: Twitch will be offering legitimate deals on the products shown during Twitch Sells Out, and streamers who co-stream the event will be eligible to earn extra income through the Blacksmith extension, which provides purchasing links to viewers for the products being sold. In order to access the deals shown on the stream, viewers will need access to an account with Twitch Prime.

The show looks like it will be quite the extravaganza, and Twitch will be hoping that a fun-filled stream with gaming personalities will distract from more recent controversies, like Dr. Disrespect filming in a public washroom (which net him a small, temporary ban) or the recent influx of porn streams finding their way onto the streaming service.

With Bernie Sanders recently announcing that he'll be joining the platform, the near future is bound to be an interesting time for Twitch. Don't expect to see him pitching a blender on the sales stream, though.

Twitch Sells Out: A Prime Day Special Event will take place on July 15 and July 16 from 10am PT to 10pm PT on the /twitchpresents channel.

Source: Twitch

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