Twitch Streamer Says She Used Bed Bugs to Get Revenge on Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

twitch streamer says she used bed bugs to get revenge on abusive ex-boyfriends

QTCinderella, a relatively popular Twitch streamer known for her "Just Chatting" social streams, was recently featured as a guest on fellow streamer Trihex's podcast. During the podcast, which itself was streamed live on Twitch, QTCinderella told a story about how she used bed bugs to get revenge on an abusive ex-boyfriend.

According to QTCinderella, her ex-boyfriend abruptly moved to Las Vegas, stealing all of the furniture in their home in the process. This included items QTCinderella herself owned, and so she called the police, but without receipts to back up her claims, law enforcement was unable to intervene. "He stole everything," she said.

Twitch streamer QTCinderella then went on to detail some of her ex-boyfriend's abusive behavior. "He cheated on me like three or four times," she said. "He also used to beat me." QTCinderella explained that her ex-boyfriend broke her rib cage and fractured her eye socket. "He was just a really bad guy."

While QTCinderella's ex-boyfriend stole much of the furniture, he did leave behind some items in their home. This included hoodies and a blanket, and so QTCinderella had her friend who works in pest control acquire some bed bugs, which were then put in a box with her ex's items. QTCinderella said that the bed bug infestation was the only way she felt she could get back at him. QTCinderella added that she's not proud of what she did.

It's worth pointing out that QTCinderella brought up her bed bug story at least once before in a different livestream that took place about four months ago, but it didn't generate quite as much attention as her latest telling of the story.

QTCinderella's admission has earned a mixed response from the community, but it's far from the only controversial stream that's been on Twitch lately. The live-streaming site has played host to many controversial streams, with one of the most recent one seeing a streamer banned for reckless driving after they almost hit multiple pedestrians.

Twitch may play host to many controversial streams, but it also has plenty of wholesome ones as well. For example, young Twitch streamer zylTV is using the platform to raise money for his dad's cancer treatment by streaming Fortnite for over 10 hours per day. Besides zylTV's fundraising effort, Twitch has also been used to raise money for charity for a wide variety of causes, and will likely continue to be used for charity moving forward.

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