Twitch Prime Subs Can Get 7 Free Devolver Digital Games

Every month, gamers can get a ton of free games through their various services of choice, whether it be Xbox or newly launched Epic Games Store. This month, however, Twitch has a special surprise in store for their Prime subscribers in the form of seven free Devolver Digital games.

Titled the "Holiday Pack", the bundle contains a wide variety of titles from the publisher, and it certainly doesn't skimp out. The bundle features a ton of new release games like The Messenger and The Swords of Ditto as well as older, but still great, games like Hotline Miami 1 & 2. Anyone with an active subscription to Twitch Prime can pick up the games between now and January 31st, 2019. Doing so will allow players to keep the games forever.

The Messenger is arguably the headliner of the list, as the game only came out a few months ago and has already won several awards for its design. It's a spiritual successor to the classic Ninja Gaiden games on the NES, and even earned a spot on our list of the Best Indie Games of 2018.

These titles aren't the only ones currently available for subscribers either, as four other bundles and games are currently live for the taking. This, along with the recently announced Xbox Live Games With Gold of January 2019–which includes the platformer Celeste–puts 2019 at a great start as far as free games are concerned.

Free games are always great, especially as the busy fall season begins to wind down and gamers have a chance to catch up on all the hidden gems they might have missed over the course of the year. While seven new games are quite a bit to add to the playlist, the Devolver Digital titles are at least worth claiming to give a try whenever one might be looking for something new to invest some time in.

This surprise is a great early Christmas present from Twitch, especially considering how many people have the service simply due to being Amazon Prime Subscribers. Hopefully, there will be a lot of other great freebies throughout 2019.

The Devolver Digital Holiday Pack for Twitch Prime subscribers is available for free until January 31st, 2019.

Source: Twitch Prime – Twitter

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