Twitch Signs Top YouTube Streamer to Exclusivity Deal

Twitch has made a deal with one of YouTube's top streamers, Nick Eh 30, who has signed an exclusivity deal with the streaming platform.

After Twitch's top streamer Ninja left for Mixer with an exclusivity deal earlier in August, Twitch has been offering similar deals to acquire streamers from another competitor, YouTube. Nicholas "Nick Eh 30" Amyoony is a popular streamer on YouTube's streaming service, and the latest to make the jump to Twitch.

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Nick Eh 30 is a popular Fortnite streamer, with over 4.6 million subscribers on YouTube already. While this does not beat PewDiePie's numbers of over 100 million subscribers, Nick Eh 30 focuses on streaming and not video creation, making him more valuable to Twitch. Nick Eh 30 will begin streaming on Twitch exclusively on September 1, giving subscribers only a few days to decide if they want to move with him to the new platform.

This is the first of Twitch's talent acquisitions since Ninja left the platform for Mixer, or at least the first to make a successful deal. The streamer and platform are not disclosing the details of the deal at this time, preferring to keep the details under wraps. YouTube, at this time, does not appear to be making any moves with any exclusivity deals on their platform. However, YouTube hosts more than just streams like Twitch and Mixer, so they may not place as much importance on keeping streaming talent on board.

For a long time, Twitch was the only real platform to go to for streaming. With competitors ramping up their efforts to topple the platform, though, Twitch can no longer rest on its laurels with its previous success. Especially with Mixer's more streamer friendly options and hinting at Twitch Prime-like subscription rewards, Twitch has its work cut out for it to make sure Microsoft's streaming platform doesn't overtake it. These talent acquisitions from YouTube are likely the first step.

It's hard to tell who will come out on top of this streaming arms race. One thing's for sure, though - competition is healthy and will likely strive platforms to become better and practice good business practices in order to entice streamers and viewers alike.

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