Female Twitch Streamer Kills Broadcast With Microwave

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Although Twitch is mostly known for its video game streams, the platform has grown tremendously on the back of IRL streamers. These content creators engage with their communities in a variety of ways, from general chats to live tours to ASMR streams.

But many of these IRL streamers don’t find popularity purely on their content. Usually, an incident occurs that helps the streamer go viral, and then their channel explodes. Others, like Emma Carlsson, are plenty popular but gain a huge boost because of a “face palm” incident.

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Fans of Carlsson know her by the Twitch alias Kandyland where she streams in the “Just Chatting” directory while dabbling in games like Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends. Non-fans may remember Kandyland for a clip in which she considered the potential uses of Twitch’s new sub only stream option.

But Kandyland’s latest popular clip highlights a lapse in thinking for the Twitch streamer and a funny goof. While trying to show viewers her limited electricity, Kandyland turns on a light and then tries to see if also turning on the microwave would cause the light to flicker. Instead, the microwave hogs what remaining power is left and knocks Kandyland’s stream offline.

Shortly after her stream froze, Kandyland returns and is embarrassed by the gaff. According to her, she thought that putting a glass of water in the microwave and heating it up would make the light flicker. But she admits that she should have considered that the microwave might take enough power to shut her stream down.

In the world of streaming goofs, or livestream fails as they are more commonly known, Kandyland’s microwave mistake is fairly tame. At worst, her stream was down for a couple minutes and then everything was back to normal. Other streamers’ mistakes can land them in hot water with Twitch.

For example, Twitch streamer Amouranth was recently banned for several days for a wardrobe mishap. In that situation, Amouranth did not realize that her outfit was too revealing and she faced the consequences of that lapse in judgment.

Other streamers make mistakes on a grander scale and face longer bans, like when Dr. Disrespect went into a bathroom at E3 as part of a bit. In character, Dr. Disrespect likely saw the comedic value of entering a bathroom, but the Twitch streamer didn’t consider the legal ramifications.

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