The past several weeks have not been good for the giant streaming site Twitch, after its lead streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins left the platform for Mixer. Now, it appears that Twitch is once again under hot water after Ninja condemned the platform for using his defunct channel as an advertisement tool for other streamers.

To make matters worse, the number one recommended stream on Ninja's former channel was a porn broadcast. Shortly after the streamer's public criticism of Twitch's actions, the term #TWITCHISOVERPARTY began appearing on Twitter. As of the moment, the campaign has already reached 8,000 tweets, making it one of the top trending topics on Twitter over the weekend.

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Shortly after, Twitch's CEO issued an apology to Ninja saying "On a more personal note, I want to apologize directly to Ninja that this happened. It wasn't our intent, but it should not have happened. No excuses." Even after the apology, it appears that the porn broadcast is only one piece of the puzzle since many in the Twitch community are still unhappy with the company.

Going over the #TWITCHISOVERPARTY thread on Twitter reveals that the majority of people are outraged with Twitch's poor handling of past controversies and unfair treatment of its content creators. For example, some feel as though it's unfair that popular streamer Alinity didn't receive any punishment despite being accused of abusing her cat mid-broadcast by throwing it and tricking it into licking vodka off her lips. She was also accused of saying a racial slur, and while she didn't actually say the slur and was misheard, other streamers have been banned for similar situations.

Although Ninja's public condemnation of Twitch sparked #TWITCHISOVERPARTY, it appears that the root of the problem lies with the company's inconsistency with the enforcement of its terms and conditions and its unfair treatment of its streamers.

Many of the people using the hashtag are claiming that the streaming platform should be punished and that people should revert to other websites such as Mixer instead. The question now is, should Twitch be worried? Of course, that remains to be seen, but the likely outcome is that the whole drama will sizzle down in the coming days, especially since Twitch still houses the majority of the biggest names in streaming.

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