Former Twitch Employee Reveals Truth About Mass Reporting and Bans


A former Twitch employee takes to social media to reveal the true connection between mass reporting and bans. Twitch had been accused of letting trolls win after it banned Street Fighter cosplayer quqco as she and other female Twitch streamers said that they were the victims of a practice called "brigading."

After the ban of Twitch streamers like quqco and Fareeha, an Overwatch streamer warned for wearing workout clothes, one accusation has come up time and time again. Fans allege that they have been mass reported by trolls working in groups on Discord and Reddit to have their content removed. Jason Maestas, Twitch's former head of influencer marketing explains that "having several people report a Twitch user - does not result in any kind of automatic action," so brigading wouldn't have affected these Twitch streamers. Maestas also said that "Every reported incident is reviewed by humans" and that whether a clip got one report or 1,000, it "doesn't sway a decision."

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Some streamers will be happy to know that Twitch trolls can't do anything to take them down. From Twitch viewers who posted huge amounts of harassment in the chat to those who make huge donations before filing a refund, there are many ways that viewers can try and get one over on streamers. Mass reporting a clip in the hopes that they'll get banned won't work, though.

However, Maestas' tweet doesn't address every issue that people have with the way that Twitch handles sexual and suggestive content. While Amouranth's ban for her NSFW wardrobe mishap is an understandable banworthy offense, others, like quqco's cosplay outfit which showed some thigh, isn't. The two streamers also received a ban for the same length of time, which really aren't similar incidences.

Maestas' comments probably won't quiet this growing discontent, as it's not just cosplayers who are being affected by Twitch's position on nudity. An artist has also been banned for creating adult artwork, although their work looks just as the real character designs do. It's why many are asking for Twitch to offer more information about what sort of content is seen as sexual and how bans are given out so that they don't have to get answers from the Twitter accounts of former employees.

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