Twitch Lifts Controversial Ban on Streamer Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf

Twitch lifts a controversial ban on streamer Corinna Kopf  two days after suspending her from the site. The site had drawn heavy criticism from viewers who asked how Kopf could get a ban while streamers like Alinity remain unbanned after allegations of animal abuse.

On December 1, Twitch streamer Corinna Kopf tweeted to tell her followers that she had been banned from the site for wearing "undergarments" in a stream. Kopf didn't reveal how long she'd been banned for but others who have received bans for violations like this have been banned for three days or more. The streamer, who has 394,488 followers on the site, also threw shade at Twitch streamer Alinity. Kopf joked that she got banned for wearing a "cute top" while Alinity threw her cat and didn't get banned from the site. Alinity then responded to this with "but her emails," which set of a tense exchange of tweets between the two women. Kopf's tweets have since been deleted.

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Kopf later revealed that her December 1 stream, where she is wearing a Chanel tank top, isn't the reason she got banned. She tweeted that the ban was for a clip from a Twitch stream posted more than a year ago. It seems that someone at Twitch mistook the lacy top that Kopf is wearing under a plaid shirt, as underwear. It's unclear what made Twitch ban the streamer over a video from so long ago and if other streamers could also get banned for old content.

Many will be glad to see that Kopf's ban has been overturned, but this saga is unlikely to be over. For months, since the Alinity animal abuse issue, Twitch has been fielding questions about how it bans, how it decides how long to ban someone for, and why some users get banned for the same things that other streamers do but don't get banned for. Alinity has been a big part of this and popular streamers such as Ninja have thrown shade at Twitch over its decision not to ban her.

Twitch has also been criticized for its accidental bans. The site just banned Nightbot for a false DCMA request from a Turkish TV channel, one popular streamer says that were banned for copyright but they didn't play the song and another said that they weren't told why they were banned. Bans can be a good tool for keeping spam and offensive content off of Twitch, but many would like more information about how these bans work.

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