Twitch announces that anime stalking game Yandere Simulator is banned from streaming, leading to the game’s lone developer pleading for a way to get the title approved.

In this day and age of ‘Let’s Plays’ and livestreams, a game’s ability to be streamed can often make or break the title. With YouTuber’s such as PewDiePie building an empire around playing games while people watch, if a game can’t be broadcast to the masses, it might just be dead in the water. And when it comes to the very lucrative world of watching people play video games, it doesn’t get much bigger than Twitch. But now that Twitch has banned oddball “stalking simulator” Yandere Simulator, a game practically begging to be streamed, fans are left questioning what comes next for the title.

Yandere Simulator (for those curious, Yandere is a Japanese term for someone who is devoted to someone so much, they will resort to violence to keep them) casts players as a bloodthirsty Japanese schoolgirl who must murder, maim, and slaughter her way into senpai’s arms. Thus, players are tasked with resorting to a veritable smorgasbord of violent acts (stabbing, shooting, pushing someone off a ledge) in order to keep other girls from attracting the attention of your beloved.

Yandere Simulator Gameplay

With an out-there premise that encourages the wholesale slaughter of innocent Japanese schoolgirls, it’s easy to see how Yandere Simulator clashes with Twitch. While the game remains unrated, it falls in line with fellow Twitch banned game Hatred, which was slapped with an AO rating thanks to its emphasis on killing innocents.

Speculation has also arisen concerning a game mechanic that could have caused Twitch’s decision to bar the game from streaming. Players are tasked with obtaining upskirt panty shots of the various girls that attend the game’s school, which can then be traded to a perverted student in exchange for weapons and upgrades. While Twitch has not confirmed if this mechanic played a part in its decision, it’s not a leap in logic to guess the company was uncomfortable with the idea.

Supporters of the game have been quick to deride the decision, taking to Twitter to voice their displeasure. YandereDev, the lone developer of the game, seems stumped as to why the game was barred, taking to Twitter to ask if Twitch could be convinced to change its mind.

With violent titles such as Until Dawn drawing thousands of viewers on Twitch, the decision to bar Yandere Simulator has left some scratching their heads. YandereDev seems willing to make concessions to get the game Twitch approved, but should that fall through, there’s always YouTube Gaming.

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