H3H3 Claims Twitch Staff Give Big Streamers Special Treatment

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Any that have been following Twitch beyond watching streams knows that the company has a consistency problem when it comes to enforcing its rules. One streamer might get a multi-day ban for a specific act, but another will see punishment for doing practically the same thing. Now, one former Twitch streamer claims there is a reason for that inconsistency.

According to H3H3, who used to host their podcast on Twitch, the admins at the company give special treatment to larger streamers. Ethan Klein claims that when talking to one of the Twitch admins that they openly admitted that bigger streamers – i.e. those with larger follower and subscriber counts – are able to get away with more and are less likely to face punishment.

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Klein’s comments follow the recent controversy surrounding Twitch streamer Alinity, who drew criticism for appearing to throw her cat over her head during a broadcast. This incident also brought back to light a clip from about a year ago in which Alinity appears to spit alcohol in her cat’s face to get it to drink.

From petitions to a call from PETA for Alinity’s ban, there was no shortage of individuals calling for the streamer to face some sort of punishment. However, Twitch did not ban Alinity but claims that viewers who harassed her might be punished.


While Alinity’s situation is unique for a number of reasons, there are more specific instances of Twitch’s inconsistency and where viewers can see H3H3’s claims are likely true. There are plenty of examples of Twitch streamers being banned for using racial slurs but no one punishment is the same. There are also instances of streamers using the same (or similar) slurs and facing no punishment. For example, Fortnite streamer Ninja used a racial slur during a stream and received no suspension or ban.

Perhaps the biggest example of a big streamer getting let off easy is Dr. Disrespect, who streamed from a bathroom during E3 2019 last month. Within an hour of the initial stream, Dr. Disrespect’s Twitch channel was banned but about two weeks later the ban was lifted.

Many saw this as a slap on the wrist from Twitch for what is an illegal act in California. Dr. Disrespect did break character to issue an apology but has since made fun of the incident.

Really, all H3H3 did was confirm viewers’ suspicions about Twitch and call into question the rule enforcement even further. If nothing else, hopefully, this situation has forced the staff to re-evaluate its policies.

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