Here’s a list of every single mature game Twitch has banned from being streamed, most of which are blocked due to adult content – though a few make the list for other reasons.

Twitch is a wonderful platform: it allows game streamers to easily reach out to and interact with an audience keen on watching gameplay, and entire communities have been built around active streamers (or Boss Ross marathons, even). Although the Twitch platform has seen its fair share of drama, the platform has continued to grow by leaps and bounds, and seemingly every game ever made can be found on the service – save for a handful of select titles which have been permanently banned by the service’s administrators.

Most of the games Twitch has banned due to adult content, with many of the titles being borderline (or actual) hentai simulators. Some of these titles also get into some adult themes that the word ‘racy’ doesn’t even to begin to cover, and some of them are simply inappropriate for any streaming service that might have a young audience. We’re talking dirty, dirty stuff. The lowest of the low. Click here if you’re still curious about the absolute bottom of the pit.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the title’s Twitch has deemed inappropriate for streaming:

Many of the games banned from Twitch have found themselves on the list because of animated sexual acts, including six different Sakura titles, which are each different erotic novels turned into games which feature varying degrees of sexual acts and nudity. Then there’s The Guy Game, an adult trivia game that rewards correct answers by showing actual video footage of women flashing the camera. It’s not hard to see why Twitch blocked games like these, and there’s plenty more where that came from.

Twitch Mature Games Ban

Other hentai and nudity-based games on the official ban list include the Artificial Girl series and the Artificial Academy series (both adult dating simulators),  Cobra Club (a dick pic simulator – yes, actually), Criminal Girls (a spanking simulator), Dramatical Murder (for graphic sex scenes), both HunieCam Studio and HuniePop (these games lent the images for the article, so enough said there), Kamidori Alchemy Meister (another erotic novel), Purin To Ohuro (for graphic sex and even assault), and Witch Trainer (which features a Hermoine-lookalike and is, again, basically hentai).

As we’ve previously mentioned, Yandere Simulator has made the list as well. The game puts players in the shoes of a violent schoolgirl who can stalk and murder other students at her highschool in order to prevent them from attracting interest from the schoolboy the she is in love with. As violent as the title is, it also has some racy washroom scenes, but it was likely a combination of the two (and it’s explosion into the mainstream spotlight) that resulted in the quick ban, which the game’s solo developer has pleaded for Twitch to reconsider – so far, no luck.

The popular open-ending roleplaying game Second Life can probably feel a little hard done by for also being banned from Twitch, but the logic there is sound. Although the title has plenty of content users can enjoy at all ages, the virtual reality platform has become a haven for both avid sex simulators and adult content creators alike, forcing Twitch to drop the ban hammer. In contrast, games like RapeLay (a game so controversial, Japan introduced new regulations because of it), Battle Raper, and Suck My Dick Or Die! are all titles obviously not suitable for Twitch’s platform on any level.

Yandere Simulator

A different title named BMX XXX at least tried to be a somewhat fun BMX game, and actually came from a formerly reputable developer called Acclaim. The game wasn’t a hit with pro BMX rider Dave Mirra, who was associated with the series and ended up suing the developer over the R-Rated raunchy racer. 3DXChat is the last adult sex simulator to make the list, and is quite literally as described – players pick virtual models, set positions, and watch simulated sex. According to Kotaku, there’s also something about volleyball.

For as much controversy as it caused, murder-simulator Hatred actually managed to avoid any ban from the livestreaming service and is still available for all to view. The game was controversially removed from Steam for a short time, before Gabe Newell himself ordered the game be restored to the digital downloading platform. The only shooters banned from Twitch so far are Grezzo 1 and Grezzo 2, which are DOOM based games that features such a ludicrous amount of blood that the movie Tokyo Gore Police would blush if it could.

While we’re certain many more hentai-simulator games will pop up as time goes along, it looks likely that they will be banned from Twitch once they are actually noticed. Twitch likes to keep things more in line with mainstream gaming rather than sex simulators and erotic visual content, and gamers are still able to watch somewhat raunchier titles like The Witcher 3 or the feminist title Cibele, the latter of which features live-action sexual situations but refrains from full-on nudity.

What do you think about the mature games banned from Twitch, Ranters? Do you think the platform was right to block those games?

Source: Kotaku (NSFW)

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