Twitch Bans Pro Smash Bros. Streamer For Passing Out Drunk During Stream

Twitch streamer Mango

Being a professional Smash Bros. player and Twitch streamer is all fun and games until you have one too many adult beverages during a livestream. Twitch streamer Mango, one of Super Smash Bros. Melee's top competitors, will be taking a mandated hiatus from Twitch after appearing on the platform drunk and teetering on the edge of consciousness.

The incident occurred during a Twitch stream where the well-known Smash Bros. streamer was celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles win over the Chicago Bears in the NFL playoffs. In a moment of celebratory indulgence, Cloud9's Joseph "Mango" Marquez is seen attempting a disjointed cheer with his Blue Moon beer, before leaning toward the ground and collapsing.

Marquez remained out of view for a number of minutes before he made a brief reappearance and ended the stream for the night. Twitch was quick to react, issuing the streamer a strike for "dangerous consumption of drugs or alcohol."

The Smash Bros. Melee professional doesn't seem overly concerned about the seven-day ban, responding on Twitter with, "ROFL." The streamer later returned to Twitter in an attempt to clarify that he hadn't actually passed out during the stream and that the whole act was in jest. Regardless, this isn't the first time Mango has appeared intoxicated during a livestream.

Twitch itself landed in some hot water recently when the popular streaming platform lifted a ban on MrDeadMoth, who was arrested following a domestic abuse incident involving his pregnant wife captured during a December livestream. However, after swift and forceful backslash from the Twitch community, the streamer's ban was reinstated.

Twitch's enforcement of streamer guidelines has become a subject of heated debate, due to what some perceive as inconsistency as it applies to punishing different streamers. The recent controversy over World of Warcraft streamer Reckful certainly doesn't benefit Twitch's case in the matter.

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