Twitch Streamer Banned for Amouranth Wardrobe Mishap Parody

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Twitch partnered streamer Grizz has been banned following an NSFW parody. Grizz did a sketch in which he "impersonated" fellow Twitch partner Amouranth, acting out a similar scene which led to Amouranth being banned just one week past. Grizz didn't physically reveal himself, intentionally or accidentally, like Amouranth was punished for. But Grizz did use a fake plastic prop of male genitals during his joke, which is almost certainly the reason for his ban.

Amouranth is the now increasingly popular partnered Twitch streamer known for revealing her privates during a stream, receiving a 3-day ban for Twitch. The incident in question had Amouranth playing with her dog on the floor of her room. Amouranth, who was previously known for her broaching-on-scandalous behavior while streaming, shifted into an odd position. In the process, her shorts hiked up and revealed that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

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Grizz's parody of Amouranth proceeded in a similar fashion. He shifted his camera to point down toward the floor and then sat down to play with his pet dog. As he was playing with the dog, he rolled over to reveal his prop below the leg of his shorts. After playing out the joke, he then stood up and waved the prop around, making sure everyone understood that it was fake and not actually him baring himself for the camera.

Despite Grizz's sketch being a parody and despite him making sure to make clear everything was fake, Twitch ultimately decided to ban him. It isn't clear how long Grizz's ban will last. 3 days, like Amouranth's ban, seems to be the standard for these types of things. And while Twitch doesn't specify exactly why bans are issued, it's probably safe to assume that Grizz's plastic prop was too explicit. Twitch's community guidelines explicitly ban all sexually suggestive content.

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As now seems to be routine within the Twitch community, Grizz's ban is being viewed by a vocal minority as a controversy. Some dismiss it as just a joke, some believe it's unfair compared to actual nudity, while others continue to spread conspiracy theories. Grizz's ban otherwise remains in-line with Twitch's record when dealing with the issue. Other users have been banned for fake breasts in the past. Grizz's ban may even be more than Amouranth's, due to him knowingly choosing to show sexually suggestive content on his stream as opposed to it being accidental.

Neither Twitch nor Grizz has made an official public comment regarding the ban.

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