Twitch Artist Banned for Inappropriate Drawings


Twitch unfortunately has a less-than-stellar reputation when it comes to ban consistency, and it even appears that the platform has doubled its efforts in this regard in recent weeks. For example, streamer Amouranth was banned for a wardrobe mishap, a simple human mistake, and quqco was banned for simply cosplaying as Street Fighter's Chun-Li. The latest ban also falls in the growing category of unexplainables from the platform.

Twitch streamer and artist Saruei uses the platform to design video-game related art, albeit in an adult manner, and recently received a 3-day ban tied to an inappropriate drawing. Yet, it's worth mentioning that Saruei has been doing this on the platform for over a year and was made a Twitch partner with her use of the platform fully disclosed. Furthermore, her fan art is based on the Fate/Game Order license, with the characters appearing exactly as they do in-game, and it's a game that is allowed on the streaming platform.

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Of course, Saruei was quick to point out the exact hypocrisy of the situation and quickly distinguished the difference between her drawings and when female streamers incentivize donations by writing names on a whiteboard, often doing so in a sexualized manner. What Saruei 'thinks' exactly got her banned is nowhere near as bad as what other streamers show, which doesn't typically result in bans, contrasting another streamer who got banned for wearing workout clothes.

After receiving a warning about her content prior to the ban, she asked where she crossed the line in the Twitch Community Guidelines but did not receive a clear answer. She thinks it's due to a certain tweak in her latest drawings, but she's also understandably upset, as she's having to guess herself. It's also her main form of income, which is another frightening facet.

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Another artist whose art reflects similar adult content, Saejin, was also banned, so what's unclear is if Twitch has suddenly changed its mind on this type of adult art on the platform or if both just seemingly crossed a line ⁠— a line that has not been clearly defined. Regardless, many feel that Saruei's 3-day Twitch ban is another example of hypocrisy from the platform, or at the very least, inconsistency.

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