Twitch Unbans Amouranth After 3 Days

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Twitch streamer Amouranth's account has been reinstated following a 3-day ban. Amouranth was banned on Twitch due to breaking the service's Terms of Services on explicit content and nudity. Amouranth had accidentally revealed herself onstream during what was supposed to be an ASMR livestream with her dog. Following the ban, Amouranth immediately went live with a lengthy Just Dance broadcast.

According to Amouranth, Twitch did not shorten or rescind her ban. 3 days was always the expected duration of the ban, which is in-line with past accidental nudity infractions punished by Twitch. The fact that the nudity was brief and that it came across as unintentional likely limited the ban potential. However, Amouranth's Twitch account is likely to be held to a higher standard going forward.

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While Amouranth didn't provide comment regarding her Twitch ban, she has since posted a video on the topic on Twitter. The video features Amouranth in her underwear,  crawling out of her dog's wire crate. The crate has a sign on the side that reads, "Twitch Jail." It doesn't seem like the brief Twitch ban has bothered Amouranth to a significant degree. "The last two days have been kind of ruff," reads the Twitter post.

Many in the Twitch community seem to be surprised that Amouranth didn't receive a longer ban. That likely stems from an awareness that Amouranth routinely tests the limits of the Twitch terms of service. Amouranth is, outside of Twitch, a NSFW content creator. She has a Patreon where she sells "lewd" photos and videos, many of which she also posts to her other social media accounts. Her Twitch account could be considered an extension of that, with Twitch subscriptions rewarding access to her Snapchat.

The controversy surrounding Amouranth's ban is becoming routine for Twitch-related issues anymore. Some within the Twitch community believe Twitch is intentionally giving light bans or punishments to accounts tied to sexual content. There's little doubt that Amouranth's sexually explicit content offered through other social media channels lead viewers to her Twitch and vice versa. And that Twitch profits off of that. But there's nothing to insinuate that Twitch is doing anything but holding to its own standards regarding adult content.

Twitch's community standards are recognizably lax compared to competitor Mixer, but Mixer's community standards are controversial, too. If there's a moral middle-ground, it isn't obvious.

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