Twister Mania Kinect Screenshots and Release Date

That’s right! Everyone’s favorite colored circle floor mat game, Twister, is being re-imagined as a Kinect title, and by reimagined we mean it barely resembles the game you may have played when you were younger.

Majesco Entertainment, makers of Zumba Fitness and Cooking Mama, have taken the Twister brand name and color scheme and created a compilation of Kinect mini-games for you to play with friends and family. Twister Mania supports up to eight players and promises outrageous over-the-top party game fun with all sorts of twisting, contorting and pretzel shaped bodies.

Twister Mania contains three game modes which features 16 variations on each – and over 1,800 shapes. The modes look to include “Shape Frenzy” and “Twist & Fit” in which you fit your body through one of the many themed shapes.

These modes look very similar to the XBLA title Hole in the Wall which we reviewed last week.

Twister Mania Shape Frenzy Screenshot

In “Spot On” you can challenge friends in a game of silhouette H-O-R-S-E where you make a shape – and opponents must match it. It’s easy to imagine this becoming a battle of handstands and other balancing acts. Watch out for breakables!

“Break It Down” sounds like the most original concept introduced in Twister Mania. The mode involves surviving a puzzle of colored shapes as the wall above crumbles. It looks like the Twister color system will really mean something in the Tetris-like falling bricks game.

Twister Mania Kinect Screenshots Break It Down Mode

Once you’ve locked your spine up doing a reverse half spinal twist pose or beat your friends at looking like an elephant, you’ll definitely want check out how hilarious you looked. Twister Mania promises that you’ll be able to go back and save the photos the Kinect takes of you and your friends after each game mode.

Kinect games like this are always a hoot at parties and Twister Mania lets you play with up to eight of your friends, two at a time. You and your buddies will be ducking, squeezing and stretching your body to match your opponent’s silhouettes, knocking down blocks as the clock counts down and making funny animal shapes in no time. You can check out more screen shots of the gameplay and menus below.

What do you think of the Kinect re-imagining of Twister? Are there any game modes that spark your interest?

Twister Mania will turning you and your friends into pretzels November 2011.