When the Kinect was announced, many customers wondered what games would work well as controller-free stand-up games. The most fun looking games Microsoft demonstrated were games that had players working together to pose and balance in amusing shapes. That game just happened to already exist as the classic board game, Twister. It’s almost as if Kinect was designed with Twister Mania in mind.

Twister Mania is a reimagining of the classic plastic mat and spinner game that looks like it takes full advantage of Kinect. The game offers several different game modes, each using the Kinect in an interesting and creative way. Majesco Entertainment has released the box art and a few new screenshots that show off the cool new gameplay that this Kinect title will offer.

Twister Mania is not just another silhouette posing game like the recently released Hole in the Wall. With three different modes, 16 mode variations, over 1,800 shapes and eight-player multiplayer capabilities, Twister Kinect has definitely added some depth to the Kinect shape filling genre.

The new screenshots show teams of two working together to make some cool zoo animal and dinosaur shapes. In the fun and difficult “Shape Frenzy” mode, players must bend, duck and squeeze in order to fill the shapes that appear. In “Twist and Fit” mode, players must fit themselves through the holes cut out from the approaching walls in order to pass the round. The iconic Twister spinner even makes an appearance so check out the new school Twister action in the Twister Mania screenshots below:

It just wouldn’t be Twister without people falling over each other with big smiles on their faces. From knocking down blocks, to copying your opponent’s poses and fitting through hundreds of different shapes, all the gameplay modes look both challenging and enjoyable. Twister Mania looks like it’s going to be filled with new and fun game play and a huge number of shapes that will offer hours of party time entertainment.

Start getting limber because Twister Mania will be available for the Xbox 360 on November 1st.