Twisted Metal. Those two words immediately evoke a rush of memories for many gamers. The series has its roots in the original PlayStation and debuted only a couple months after the console was available to consumers. The video game industry has changed dramatically since then, but Twisted Metal has managed to survive all these years and is reinventing itself with a new entry later this fall. In anticipation, we have some new Twisted Metal gameplay footage from E3 to check out.

Rebooting classic properties is all the rage these days. DC Comics is doing it; superhero movies are doing it; and video game developers are most assuredly doing it. The idea of stripping all the tacked on numbers from a title and getting back to the core mechanics of an IP is very attractive to creators and consumers alike. This is precisely the route developer Eat Sleep Play is taking with the new Twisted Metal.

David Jaffe is back working on his darling franchise and is committed to bringing back what people love, as well as offering plenty of new options and over-the-top game modes. This time around, Twisted Metal involves four factions battling for supremacy on the roadways. The four known factions are the Clowns, the Dolls, the Skulls, and the Preachers.

The gameplay footage below focuses on the Clown faction leader, Sweet Tooth, and his many vehicular forms. The trailer comes courtesy of Gematsu. Enjoy!


After watching the trailer, it seems that the crew at Eat Sleep Play have drawn inspiration from Transformers. Whenever Sweet Tooth shifts into his mech form, I can’t help but think of him as Optimus Prime’s evil clown cousin. That being said, the gameplay looks great and it appears the developers have gone the extra mile to ensure players enjoy a rich experience.

The variety of different vehicle forms and weapons is bound to please long time fans of the series. Having the option to run through levels in a mech or flying through the air will open up new strategies and should make Twisted Metal feel fresh.

If the game delivers on the excitement and action in the trailer, gamers should brace themselves for an awesome ride.

How excited are you for Twisted Metal?

Twisted Metal will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on October 4th, 2011.