'Twisted Metal' Contest Lets You Lay Waste to Sweet Tooth's Truck

Twisted Metal Shoot My Truck Contest

Though Twisted Metal has long since been a source of cool looking wheelman and wheelwomen, its single greatest appeal is the game's proclivity for destruction. But, it's still a video game, and that virtual mayhem can only take a player so far. Thankfully there's a new contest promoting Twisted Metal that takes the sensation of vehicular punishment and brings it to the real world.

In preparation for the game's release tomorrow, and maybe to add a little stress relief for Valentine's Day, Sony has announced a contest will allow gamers to blast away at Sweet Tooth's iconic ice cream truck. Though it sounds a bit absurd, this contest uses a couple high-powered machine guns, some satellites, and a few really agitated contestants to deliver Twisted Metal in real life.

Among the items that will be on display are the Sweet Tooth ice cream truck that accompanied David Jaffe during Twisted Metal's E3 unveiling, some canisters of gasoline, and a few other destructible items thrown in for good measure. Those who are chosen to participate will have their chance to take a couple shots at Sweet Tooth's ride all from the comfort of their home -- not exactly as satisfying as being on hand to shoot the thing, but still pretty awesome.

The contest itself is quite bizarre, but seems like a perfect fit for Eat Sleep Play's vehicle-based shooter. Anyone who is interested in entering should head to the contest's official site and register via Facebook or Twitter.


And if you happen not to be lucky enough to participate it's not all a loss since the same day the contest begins also happens to be the launch of Twisted Metal. Things aren't looking too good for the game's longevity, but as far as launch day excitement, Twisted Metal should deliver a similarly visceral experience.

Are you more excited about getting a chance to blast away at Sweet Tooth's ice cream truck in Twisted Metal or through this contest? What other type of whacky contests would you like to see used as game promotion?

Twisted Metal releases February 14, 2012 for the PS3.

Source: Shoot My Truck


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