Twisted Metal Releases Valentines Day; Dollface Trailer Available Now

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Nothing says "I love you" more than blowing stuff up with your significant other. So if you can't get to that nitroglycerin stash in your basement, maybe this Twisted Metal news will brighten up your day. Eat Sleep Play co-founder David Jaffe just announced the release date of the long-awaited car combat game Twisted Metal to be February 14th 2011, Valentine's Day. How sweet.

Twisted Metal was originally slated for an October release this year but the title was later delayed. Fans of the franchise have been anticipating Twisted Metal for the longest time, hoping for a nostalgic trip down a rubble-covered memory lane, and while the four month delay may have upset many hoping to play it this October, Jaffe assures fans that the extra time will allow them to polish title. We're all for that.

In addition to the official release date, Sony is sharing the new Twisted Metal Dollface trailer to the public. The trailer shows off the live-action cutscenes that David Jaffe has talked about in the past, as well as some new gameplay mechanics. The trailer itself gives insight into Dollface's past, showing her life as a famous model and then the accident which took her looks away, and in effect, ruined her life.

Check it out below:

In terms of gameplay, this latest Twisted Metal trailer showcases the newest vehicle entry to the Twisted Metal franchise, the helicopter. Players will be able to enter a first person point of view when using the helicopter's mini gun. Of course, the addition of verticality may be difficult for players using traditional vehicles to counter so luckily, the trailer also shows off a new addition to the Twisted Metal arsenal: the Meat Grinder. The Meat Grinder is effectively an anti-air cannon which can be used for taking out angry birds helicopters. The meat grinder itself is found on a larger class vehicle known as the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut looks to be co-op vehicle in which one player drives and is in control of the Juggernaut's primary weapon: Murder Balls. Other players can then drive into the back of the truck and take control of the meat grinder.

Twisted Metal looks to be the well-needed insane follow-up to the last console release, Twisted Metal: Black for the PS2, and these new additions add an even larger amount of gameplay variety to the franchise that will hopefully impress us long-term series fans.

Which character will you use?

Twisted Metal launches February 14th, 2012 exclusively for the PS3


Source: PlayStation.Blog

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