'Twisted Metal' Will Feature Online Pass

Twisted Metal Online Pass

As expected, Twisted Metal, the forthcoming PS3 exclusive car combat sequel from Eat Sleep Play, has been confirmed to be supporting Sony's new Online Pass. The pass first made the jump to Sony-published titles back with Resistance 3, and since then has been seen in the likes of Uncharted 3.

Online Passes have been a very divisive new addition to the video game market, and have grown in prevalence with each online-focused title that releases — so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to see Twisted Metal support it. That is, if David Jaffe, Creative Director on the project, hadn't already said there wouldn't be one.

It was last month when Jaffe was asked point blank whether Twisted Metal would be featuring the infamous PlayStation Pass, to which he replied that it wouldn't. To Jaffe the Pass is definitely good business, but it would hurt the property in terms of its ability to entice gamers.

Twisted Metal is a property that older gamers know and hold a certain nostalgia for, but the younger gamer, the ones who came up with the First Person Shooter boom of Call of Duty and the like, might not see what the appeal of a Twisted Metal is. And now with an Online Pass, at least in Jaffe's mind, the game will hold even less appeal.

The initial reveal of Twisted Metal piqued many of our interests, but since then the title hasn't done too much to impress. The lack of innovation seems to suggest a reliance on old tricks and nostalgia rather than updating the property for today's gamer, and now, with the online mode — arguably the most exciting element of Twisted Metal — sitting comfortably behind a $10 gate that could hurt sales even further.

It's still too early to tell what impact this Online Pass news will have on the final product, for some it's simply more incentive to buy, and for others it doesn't make much of a difference. Hopefully Eat Sleep Play can put enough intriguing content into the game to warrant that important purchase.

How do you feel about Twisted Metal sporting the PlayStation Pass? Do you almost expect it out of any title that features an online mode?

Twisted Metal releases February 14, 2012 for the PS3.

Source: The Gamers Hub

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