'Twisted Metal' Box Art Revealed

Twisted Metal Box Art

Eat Sleep Play's reboot of Twisted Metal is only two months away, and if you're eagerly anticipating the title then do we have a surprise for you: the game's box art!

David Jaffe revealed the Twisted Metal box art today on his blog. For the most part, players can expect to see the below image on store shelves, though there may be a few changes, such as a few edits to Sweet Tooth's hair and the addition of a helicopter.

However, while the front box is, for the most part at least, final Jaffe and crew are still trying to finalize the back cover for the game. The outspoken developer has shared five possibilities for the final images, and is even giving gamers a chance to vote on which one they like best via his site.

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It should be noted that much of the information on the back cover is place holder information. The back cover says that the game is only singleplayer but it is also offers four players split screen, so those of you worried that Eat Sleep Play decided to cut out local multiplayer last minute can rest easy.

The cover(s) for Twisted Metal do not seem to denote whether or not the game will require an online pass. Jaffe recently spoke about how he did not want an online pass in Twisted Metal, so it's possible he might have gotten his way. Of course, as he said, the covers are missing some information, so that little tidbit could be one of them.

Which of these box art covers is your favorite? I really like the one with the Sweet Tooth robot and Axel on the back, but then again, none of these feature quotes from Game Rant's E3 preview of the game, where we said some nice things.

That was a joke, we don't really have that big of an ego here.

Twisted Metal releases February 14th, 2012 for the PS3.


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Source: David Jaffe

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