'Twisted Metal' to Include Download Code for 'Twisted Metal: Black'

Twisted Metal to Include a Download Voucher for Twisted Metal Black

As the holidays wind down and a sense of work-filled normality slowly begins to creep back into view, we are left wishing we had just a little more time left to enjoy this festive season.

While there isn't much anyone can do to prolong the magic of the holidays, Twisted Metal co-director and Eat Sleep Play co-founder, David Jaffe, announced plans to give Twisted Metal fans a very late gift in the form of a download voucher for Twisted Metal: Black.

The official confirmation of this voucher came from the PlayStation.Blog in the form of a video, which featured Jaffe talking about the added bonus for fans of the Twisted Metal franchise. The bonus game, Twisted Metal: Black, will only be available to those who pickup one of the titles that were created in the initial printing of TM. Even Jaffe himself isn't sure exactly how many copies of Black will be available on launch day, so those who really want to get their hands on this limited time offer will have to act fast.

You can watch Jaffe talk about the Twisted Metal: Black voucher, and even green food stamps, below.


Offering a free game (or free games in Nintendo's case) to loyal consumers is always a smart move, and other companies may stand to benefit if they provide gamers with the same ethics that Sony is demonstrating through this offer. Obviously, this doesn't just get the fan base excited, but it also grabs the attention of anyone who was uncertain about whether or not they would be buying Twisted Metal on day one.

Twisted Metal: Black was also an incredibly fun game on the PS2 when it launched back in 2001, and we suspect that time has not given this classic a single wrinkle in the past decade.

Twisted Metal is scheduled to speed onto the PS3 on February 14th, and let's face it, there's nothing more romantic that you and your loved one could be doing than smashing each other's faces in with a plethora of armored vehicles.

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Source: PlayStation.Blog

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