Twisted Metal is Back, and Here's the Trailer!

Twisted Metal

Despite the constant denial from David Jaffe, Twisted Metal was indeed the project he has been working on and is making a comeback. Well played sir, well played.

At today's Sony E3 press conference, they aired a teaser trailer that slowly dropped hints about the franchise before tacking on the blatant confirmation at the end. Take a look at the teaser trailer below:


If you played Twisted Metal in it's heyday, you undoubtedly caught a case of nostalgic excitement from the teaser. If this is accurate, then I hope you're sitting down because the next video is from the conference and it details the game by demonstrating multiplayer deathmatch, new additions, and even has a guest appearance from Sweet Tooth himself!


A helicopter? 4-player split screen? 16-player online gameplay? True to the roots? Yep to all of the above! The direction feels like it will please old Twisted Metal fans and newcomers as well. It is evident that the developers are treating this franchise as their baby, as they are open-minded and interested in making it right. Jaffe explains more on his blog post:

"But the game is not done yet. We’ve got a ways to go so we could really use your help. The game is playable on the show floor starting now. So if you’re able to get into E3 this year, please come to the Sony booth and give Twisted Metal a play. And then please hit us back on our brand new Eat Sleep Play forums with your likes, dislikes, issues, changes, fixes, etc. Whatever feedback we can get, we are grateful for. Early user feedback is one of the key things that turns a game into a classic. And we want this baby to be classic!"

The new Twisted Metal looks amazing and I'm optimistic about the next installment. The new additions look super fun while the game itself still feels familiar and exciting. I'm definitely looking forward to getting my mitts on the title.

Are you excited for Twisted Metal?

Twisted Metal is a PS3 only title and the release date is TBD.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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