New TV Series to Give First Look at New Pokemon?

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Hey kids! Do you love Pokemon? Are you excited for the new Pokemon Black and White? Well we have just the thing for you. Straight out of Japan comes a trailer for the next evolution in the Pokemon television series, Pokemon: Best Wishes!

Best Wishes! will replace all current Pokemon TV programming.Take a quick look at this trailer before we go any further. Be warned: it is in Japanese, and is therefore only a visual experience.


Now if that gets you excited, read on. If it doesn’t get you excited, still read on, but only because you are not a quitter.

From the trailer you can discern some of the new Pokemon that will be grazing the Poke-verse, and will hopefully be “catch-able” in the new games. Unfortunately, they don’t seem as bad-ass as some of the original Pokemon All-Stars, but they do fulfill the cute factor.

Though it will be some time before North American gamers will be able to get their hands on the new games, each new bit of info, like the 3v3 battles, is enough to keep them salivating and -- most importantly -- interested. This new series should be enough to tide Japanese audiences over, but what about North American Poke-hards? Will we even get to see this show? Will they change the title to not include the exclamation point? So many questions!

Once the new games are released, many gamers are sure to lose themselves playing their own location-based exclusive, but the game has many other features on the way to make this game stand out from games past. Hopefully everything we would like to see happen in the next game does come true. Our real desire is that the game gives us all the Magikarp we can handle, and then some.

Hey Ranters, are you praying for the day when Pokemon: Best Wishes! hits our shores? Or would you rather just wait to play an actual Pokemon game?

Pokemon Black and White are set for release on the Nintendo DS sometime in Spring 2011.

Source: Kotaku

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